Blue Marvel (Character)

Blue Marvel- Adam Bernard Brashear
Blue Marvel- Adam Bernard Brashear

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Kevin Grevioux

1st appearance: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1 (2009)

Real Name: Adam Bernard Brashear

Aliases: Adam, America’s Blue Marvel, The Magnificent Master of Might, The Man of Marvel’s, The Blue Bomber of Battle

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: U.S citizen with no criminal record

Weight: 234 lbs    Height: 6’2

Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black with white streaks

Relatives: Marlene Frazier/Candace Brashear/Agent 314 (Wife, deceased), Adrienne Brashear (Daughter), Max Brashear (Son), Kevin Brashear (Son)

Skills and abilities: Trained in armed and unarmed combat by the military.

Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, flight, and invulnerability on the same level as the Sentry/Superman and Icon, President Superman and Val Zod.  Adam also has uncharted antimatter based energy powers and energy manipulation powers.


Origins and endings

Adam Brashear was a gifted intellect who played football at an unspecified time in his past, whether college or High School [Adam: The Blue Marvel #1]. He was a “Magna Cum Loude” Graduate of Cornell, with a PhD in Theoretical Physics who joined the Marine corp where he won two silver stars after carrying three men to safety in a hotzone of enemy fire while severely injured. Despite his bravery however he was still subject to racism while serving with the army [Adam the Blue Marvel #1]. His best friend Connor was his only ally against his near lynching on multiple occasions. He headed a team to try to harness anti-matter through the creation of a “Negative Reactor” which created a bridge between the Negative Zone and the positive matter universe. This reactor would then allow for an almost unlimited source of clean energy by allowing devices to tap the energy generated by a stable event horizon balanced between these positive and negative universes. Due to the unexpected explosion of the reactor.

Origin of Blue Marvel from Adam the Blue Marvel #4, Story by Kevin Grevioux
Origin of Blue Marvel from Adam the Blue Marvel #4, Story by Kevin Grevioux

Only himself and best friend Connor survived the explosion. Adam became a stable “antimatter reactor” and developed a set of superhuman abilities [Adam: The Blue Marvel #4]. With these powers he became the costumed superhero “Blue Marvel”. He set up an undersea base and fought Namor the Sub-Mariner. Namor notes only Hulk and Thor have hit him harder [Adam: The Blue Marvel #4]. It was here in the underwater base he tended to Connor’s unstable molecular structure. Connor’s mind eventually became unhinged and he tried to create a world where all races were equal though he did it through violence. Adam as Blue Marvel opposed his friend who now went by the title Anti-Man [Adam: The Blue Marvel #4].

He was later asked to retire by President Kennedy for fear of the uprising of the Civil Rights movement after he defeated Anti-Man and was outed as a “black man”. He went to the moon to vent his frustration and met “The Watcher” with whom he later became friends. Here he defeated an alien invasion headed to earth [Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel #3].

Retirement/The Doc Brashear Years

After retiring he was called in by the president one last time to fend off an alien who had uncharted energy readings heading for earth. Though Ada was on the ropes he managed to defeat the creature and was never seen again. He was presumed dead [Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #2].  After his retirement he settled into civilian life but  the government was afraid he would resurface and so they had him “watched” by one of their agents. It was still a time in America’s history where it was still taboo for interracial dating to take place. He met Candace and fell in love, it was them against the world as they got married [Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #3].

Together they welcomed the birth of his first son Kevin Brashear though he was conflicted over stepping down from his tenure as Blue Marvel [Mighty Avengers #9]. Two years after Kevin’s birth he had a run in with some werewolves at the sacrifice of the Deathstalkers. Joining Blade, Kaluu and Luke Cage’s father they stopped the Deathwalkers world ending plans and hid the talisman Central to their schemes [Mighty Avengers #11-12].

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Kevin at age eight was already showing prodigious talents in the field of science. Other adventures include a battle with the Technocracy, this was when Kevin learned of his fathers heroic exploits. Some time later Max was born and Adam realized Candace was aging as slowly as he was. Alongside Kevin he continued to adventure against the atomic skeletons of Paris, Doktor Skorpon and Y2K. Adrienne was soon born into the Brashear family. When the Fantastic Four battled Galactus him and Kevin were busy trying to stop Doktor Skorpion from harnessing the time travel technology of Rama Tut. The villain caught them by surprise however as he had opened a portal to the Neutral Zone and tapped Neutronium to which Adam was weak. Kevin took charge of the situation but was sucked into the Neutral Zone portal, Skorpion was vaporized and to save Earth Adam was forced to destroy the unstable portal. This traumatic experience changed his family forever. Adrienne suffered nightmares while Max grew cold and distant [Mighty Avengers #9].

Anti-Man and The return of Blue Marvel

Brashear later became a tenured professor of physics at the University of Maryland [Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel #2]. He was called out of retirement when Anti Man defeated the “Mighty Avengers” [Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel #1]. With his call back to action Candace his wife thought it was time to confess that she had originally been sent to keep tabs on him for the US government but she fell in love with him. Betrayed and emotionally devastated he walked out on her [Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel #3]. On the moon he talked with the watcher about everything that had happened in his life before joining Tony Stark’s battle against Anti-Man [Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel #3]. Initially Stark and his team refuse to simply trust Adam leading to a standoff between them. Adam is able to hold the Mighty Avengers at a near standstill despite their ranks including Ares god of war, Iron Man and Sentry [Adam: The Blue Marvel #5]. Ultimately defeated he is placed in stasis but freed by his wife when Anti-Man threatens all of New York. Candace and Adam finally reconcile. Adam rallies the Mighty Avengers to defeat Connor but Candace is killed in the battle. A week later she is buried and Tony Stark offers Adam membership to the Avengers though he refuses [Adam: The Blue Marvel #5].

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At the funeral he had an exchange of words with his son Max which neither could take back. Max blamed Adam for not saving his mother the same way he failed Kevin and told Adam to never contact him again [Mighty Avengers #9].

Blue Marvel and the Mighty Avengers

He battled “King Hyperion” from an alternate world in Uzbekistan [Age of Heroes #3]. During Fear Itself Marvel was away from Earth exploring the Neutral Zone. When he returned he found his undersea base with a submarine lodged within. This submarine had caused tension between the US and Chinese forces as both sides blamed the other for hostilities. Marvel managed to end the threat when he exposed that it was a Dragon guarding the Serpents prison which had destroyed submarines on both sides [Fear Itself: Home Front #4].

During the events of Infinity he joined Monica Rambeau, Luke Cage, Ava Ayala, Power Man and She Hulk as they battled a manifestation of Shuma Gorath in our reality. During the battle his energy manipulation powers were essential in saving Monica who had been “infected” by the enemy’s alien weapon. The Team is dubbed “Mighty Avengers” by Luke Cage to the press [Mighty Avengers #2, Mighty Avengers #3].

While a member of the team he still finds time to help superheroes across the globe [Mighty Avengers #4]. Blue Marvel also finds time to help Luke Cage and his wife move into their new place and comes to blows with Luke over his retirement years earlier [Mighty Avengers #6].

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Adam later requests the aid of the Mighty Avengers against W.E.S.P. Alongside Monica Rambeau and She Hulk they meet Dr. Positron a stereotypical James Bond villain who quickly subdues Monica and She Hulk. He reveals his identity as Adam’s estranged son Max. Shocked Adam can do nothing but bear silent witness as his son tries to pull his brother Kevin from the neutral Zone thus endangering the whole planet [Mighty Avengers #8]. With the aid of the Mighty Avengers they were able to send Kevin back, thus saving the world [Mighty Avengers #9]. When his friend “the Watcher” was killed he grieved and became godson to his friend’s incubating child [Mighty Avengers #10].

The Deathwalkers resurfaced and took Blade hostage while renewing their plots, alongside the Mighty Avengers he thwarted their plans again [Mighty Avengers #12-14]. During the AXIS event


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