Blue Marvel vs Icon

Blue Marvel



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11 thoughts on “Blue Marvel vs Icon

  1. Technically Icon is not really black, he’s just some alien just like other culture who think its cool to be black before reality shows them how blacks are really treated. beside who da heck is Blue Marvel?

  2. Blue Marvel definitely- he has been reported to lift weights in excess of 100,000 tons(whereas the Hulk , Thor and Hercules cam “only” lift” 100 tons)!

  3. icon has been around since the civil war and in 1960 blue marvel a marine was introduced but ironilly he and luke cage were the subject to experiments around the same time two different powers, but kennedy force power man to retire as a super hero, at the same time icon was dealing with living as a black man in the 70…. there athe total black paralell in both relms but the only differnce is blue marvel hid away cause BLACKS were not supose to have so much power and stayed away till he couldn’t hide any more for the sake of all blacks and over-superpowerd heroes all ove the world, where icon was brought in to the justice league… where he didnt see much action cause rocket got pregers and he spent his time taking care of his ( little girl). in light of the situation it shows us that even in the world of comics/ reality tv – our culture is sick ( even more than china or afghan…

  4. I would have to give it to Icon, because Superman is known to be stronger than most characters in the Marvel Universe, and Icon can spar with superman. I like the origin of blue marvel better though, and his source of power better. Plus, Icon is conservative where, Blue is moderate :)

  5. I’m just waiting for someone to start a series with these guys within the MAIN d.c.,marvel universes and not some alternate realm where black HEROS are accepted.Especially since they decided to destroy the black panther and take storm back to the white side as well as white wash Luke Cage!

  6. Blue Marvel but barely. The are evenly matched in terms of powers but Blue is a better hand to hand combatant giving him a slight edge. In a 7 round match, BM wins 4 rounds to 3.

  7. iidk its hard icon is in the bracket with superman and b marvel with seny ithink sentry stronger than superman if he dont hold back his power of a milllion thousand or hundred whatever the amount is exploding suns

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