Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #3 and #5 Review

Captnmightya#3 cover

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #3 Review


Gideon mace is visited by Quantrell in an alley before he leaves him to be killed by Quickfire who has undergone secondary terrigenisis. Elsewhere the inverted Avengers take on the Mighty Avengers. The Mighty gain the upper hand so the inverted back down and pretend they were mind controlled into attacking.

What I thought

I liked the cover which shows the Mighty Avengers facing off with the Inverted Avengers, very to the point and decently illustrated. The tale itself was also pretty decent with the Mighty Avengers holding their own against the inverted Avengers. This was a major kick for me since Blue Marvel has power comparable to Thor, Spectrum has power over light itself and between Power Man and White Tiger they have god class power as well.  Seeing them get respect in holding their own against Iron Man, Thor, and Scarlet Witch etc is a big boner inducing kick. The art was all over the place with Luke Ross and Iban Coello sharing the duties.

Overall this was a decent issue showing the Mighty Avengers holding their own against the movie class power of the Inverted Avengers. I give this issue “3/5 star.”

stars- 3 good

capameriandmightyavengers#4 1

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #5 Review


All New Captain America sits with Kaluu and laments the events of AXIS and being inverted. Thanks to a talk with Spectrum he realizes that he can do allot of good by becoming the public face of the Mighty Avengers. At Cortex Incorporated Luke Cage makes a deal with Cortex. Elsewhere White Tiger and Power Man help police investigate the death of Gideon Mace.  Gideon’s heart has been taken by Quickfire and turned into a monstrous creature. Luke contacts his family and Cortex realizes Luke’s duplicity.

What I thought

Not a fan of this cover, its composition is just all wrong for me. I enjoyed how neatly Al Ewing managed to tie together the aftermath of the AXIS event with the story. Sam’s dialogue with Spectrum hit all the right spots and gave the aftermath some much needed depth. I was equally impressed with the use of Power Man and White Tiger as they investigated what happened to Gideon Mace. Ewing continues to use both characters in new and ingenious ways that simple delight me at every turn.

Overall this was a truly enjoyable though lacking in action issue. I give this 3/5 stars.

stars- 3 good


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