Marvel’s Mighty!

With the Infinity Event looming on the Horizon and and threads appearing in both Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers we know that both teams may be pulled away from Earth to battle Thanos the Mad Titan. When they are away Earth will need new protectors and Marvel has released a teaser and revealed a few of the members for a team right now known only as “The Mighty”. Longtime fans may remember that Mighty Avengers was already used a few years back during Dark Reign and considering the boom of the Avengers brand name after Joss Whedon’s epic Avengers movie this may be the relaunch of that title. Why are we excited? Read on BH fans this one has our spider sense tingling…..

Marvel's mighty

The above image which you’ll notice has the Marvel AR logo which when used with the app shows a clip of Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort talking about the team’s members. Confirmed members so far:

Luke Cage
Luke Cage

Luke Cage (Team Lead)

Brevoort says that “During his tenure as a member of the Avengers he became the Moral center for the team. Although Luke retired from being an Avenger to care for his family, he can’t refuse the call to arms when it comes time to stand in and defend the Earth because of the catastrophe that is Infinity. He’s the one character with the gravitas and the wherewithal to be able to make this team happen”

Superior Spider-ManSuperior Spider-Man

Brevoort had this to say about his inclusion “A very different flavor of Spider-man when Infinity takes place his vast Manhattan network of spider-cameras and spider-bots will be instrumental in the fight against Thanos. To him there is no way anyone will be attacking his place without his intervention”

Blue Marvel

Blue Marvel-Adam Brashear
Blue Marvel-Adam Brashear

“Adam the Blue Marvel, a character that garnered a lot of attention from the one little limited series he was in,” Brevoort said. “He’s a phenomenally powerful character, a man who his conscience told him he had to stand down at the command of his president, and ever since he has regretted the action. He’s got some ambivalence about what he should be doing, his place in the world, whether everything has passed him by and he’s viewed in different ways by different members of the public. The time has come again for him to step into the world in a big way because the events of infinity are such that he can no longer sit on the sidelines. He has to get involved in the middle of the action.”

She Hulk She Hulk infinity

“She’s been a lawyer, she’s been a member of the Future Foundation right now, she’s juggled a lot of things,” he said. “In the past, she’s served with the Avengers, she’s been with the Fantastic Four and the Defenders a little bit. She’s a good team player, so when a band of characters is pulled together, she’s an essential piece in keeping the gears moving.”

Two more members to go!

What do you think of the lineup so far?

Am I the only one super excited to see Blue Marvel finally

taken out of the stands and allowed to get in on the action?!

Sound off below

More as it breaks!



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