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Jakeem Thunder- J.J. Thunder

J.J. Thunder

Created by: Grant Morrison, Mark Millar and Paul Ryan

1st appearance: Flash vol. 2 #134, February 1998

Citizenship: USA

Alias: Jakeem Johnny Williams, J.J. Thunder

Team Affiliations: JSA- Justice Society of America

Legal Status: Minor with no criminal record

Height: 5’7                    Weight: 130 lbs

Eyes: Brown                  Hair: brown

Relatives: Phil Williams (father), unnamed mother, Jimmy Williams (brother, deceased), unnamed grandmother (deceased), unnamed half-brother, Lashawn (aunt), Jenny (aunt)

Powers: As the possessor of the magic pen he is granted any with by the genie there in. The genie’s power is limitless in our dimension but misunderstandings and mispronunciations often cause problems for the two.


Jakeem is an African-American teenager and Black Superhero with a tragic past. His father does not know of him and his mother died of cancer soon after he was born. He’s from Keystone City, and came to possess the genie-powered Thunderbolt pen which once belonged to the golden age hero Johnny Thunder who was suffering from Alzheimers. When an evil genie came to Earth, Jakeem was instrumental in saving the planet when he was able, with Captain Marvel’s help, to merge his genie with the evil one thus ending the threat. The now fused genie is summoned by saying the words “So Cûl” (pronounced “So cool”). He then became a reluctant member of the renowned Justice Society of America. Here he made friends with Fellow Black Superheroes Mr. Terrific, Amazing Man and Lightning.

Shilo Norman- Mister Miracle

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Jack Kirby

1st appearance: Mister Miracle vol.1 #15, August 1973

Alias: Avatar of Freedom, Mr. Miracle

Team Affiliations: Legion of Super-Heroes

Legal Status: US citizen with no criminal record

Height: 6’              Weight: 179 lbs

Eyes: Brown                  Hair: Black, shaved bald

Relatives:Unnamed parents (deceased), Aaron Norman (brother, deceased), Thaddeus Brown/Mister Miracle I (Informal guardian, deceased)

Skills and Abilities: Master escapologist and inventor. Physics degree from New York University grants him high level of understanding of Physics.

Powers: Norman has “God sight” enabling him to see beyond the regular plain of existence. Access to new Genesis technology and a personal mother box for portal access and various other powers.


Left orphaned and stranded in the ghettos of metropolis Shilo would meet the original Mr. Miracle and becomes his assistant and apprentice. When the original died he took the skills he had been taught and became a world renowned escape artist. He then became a new god by passing a test by Metron and was granted “god sight”. He is killed by Darkseid but rises from his grave. He is then a pivotal player in stopping the dark monitor from destroying all creation. He also aided the Justice league when Alan Scott was driven insane by the starheart.

Bruce Irvin

Tekken’s Bruce Irvin

Created by: Namco

1st appearance: Tekken 2, August 1995

Species: Earthling

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Weight: 220 lb            Height: 6’1

Eyes: Brown                 Hair: Black

Relatives: Parents (deceased), three unnamed siblings.

Skills and Abilities: World class Muay Thai fighter.

Powers: Peak Human physique.


Born into a life of poverty he ascended to the Muay Thai championship through hard work and determination. He entered the Tekken tournament and lost his memory where he became Kazuya Mishima’s bodyguard. years later he left Mishima though he has shown up for future tournaments

Freedom Beast-Dominic Mndawe

Created by: Doug Hazlewood and Chas Truog

1st appearance: Animal Man #13,  1989

Nationality: African

Team Affiliations: Global Guardians

Weight: 191 lbs    Height: 6’2

Eyes: Brown           Hair: Black

Relatives: unknown

Skills and Abilities: Accomplished Photographer.

Powers: Magical helmet grants him the power to fuse/splice animal genes together to create a more powerful beast with traits from both. The helmet also allows him to control and communicate with animals. He also possesses superhuman strength, endurance and agility thanks to drinking an elixir made from a mythical caves water.


Freedom Beast is an African man born ion south Africa. He championed the fight against racism by using his camera to capture various hate crimes and bring them to public attention. For this he was eventually jailed by the very people he sought to expose.  Luckily he was rescued by B’wanna beast and Animal man. After the rescue B’wanna took him as a protege and trained him as his replacement, sharing the elixir and the helmet which gave him his powers with Mndawe. Upon retiring Dominic was christened the Freedom Beast. He fought against the O.M.A.C.S during infinite crisis and was briefly possessed by the sin known as rage. Dominic then became a member of the Global guardians under the leadership of Jamaican Jet and clashed with Green Lantern/Hal Jordan. His days were numbered it would seem as he was killed sometime before the Blackest Night storyline.

Young Justice Episode 4- Aqualad is the official leader!

In case you missed it Young Justice Episode 4: Drop Zone  was on cartoon network yesterday and its official Aqualad IS THE LEADER as we originally predicted in our first young Justice post! (I know I rock)

If you don’t want to be spoiled check out the images at the Young Justice Episode episode 4 image gallery.


Bane and Cobra battle it out over a venom factory in Santa Prisca. Robin and Kid Flash bicker about leading the team. Bane allies with the team then betrays them. A new Cobra formula superior to Venom is being made with components from the Cadmus serum and Venom able to give permanent super powers. The villains plan to use this to take down the justice league. Aqualad saves them from certain death and by unanimous decision is made leader. They take down Bane and Cobra and destroy all the new Cobra formula except one. Sportsmaster escapes with the formula and returns to the people who were running Cadmus, they brand Young Justice enemies to be dealt with accordingly. Batman congratulates the team on the leader selection and on a job well done.

Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #5 Preview

Thor is reborn…but at what price? Can the Ultimates stop a God gone mad? Eisner award winning writer Jeph Loeb (Ultimate X) and superstar artist Frank Cho (Avengers) bring you the final chapter of their first story arc! Learn the secrets of Loki’s wild scheme to destroy the Earth and change the Ultimates forever!

Amazing Spider-Man #653 Preview


“All You Love Will Die”

The SPIDER-SLAYER’S assault escalates as his INSECT ARMY descends on Manhattan! No one in Spidey’s life is safe—from the offices of the Daily Bugle to the Mayor’s staff at City Hall! It’s way more than our wall-crawler can handle. Good thing he’s also a member of the NEW AVENGERS! Guest-starring LUKE CAGE, JESSICA JONES, MS. MARVEL, MOCKINGBIRD, IRON FIST… and a few surprises.

Spawn #201 Preview

With the return of one of Spawn’s greatest enemies, Clown continues to build his army of Vampires. Jim struggles with his instant celebrity status as a modern day Messiah, all while protecting New York City from the evils that lurk at night.

Brightest Day #19 Preview

The BRIGHTEST DAYS are numbered as this best-selling series heads toward its shocking conclusion, and fans won’t want to miss a single page of the action! “Aquawar” breaks out with Aquaman, Mera, Aqualad and a surprise guest star facing off against the terrorist forces of Black Manta and Siren to keep the vast waters of the world from sinking the United States!

Black Panther Triumphant Wallpaper

Here’s a cool new image to keep your home screen warm :)

Black Panther “Triumphant!”


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