President Superman (Character)

President Superman
President Superman

Publisher: DC Comics

Created by:  Grant Morisson

1st appearance: Final Crisis #7(March, 2009)

Real Name: Kalel

Alias: Calvin Ellis

Nationality: Born on Vathlo Island, US Citizen

Team Affiliations: Unknown

Legal Status: Diplomatic immunity as the president of the United States

Height:   Unknown            Weight: Unknown

Eyes: Brown                           Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Unknown

Powers: Same as superman


On a parallel world (Earth 23) the last survivor of Krypton came from Vathlo Island on which dark-skinned Kyptonians dwell. His parents were scientists named Jorel and Lara. After arriving on earth he was taken in by a kindly black couple who instilled the morals of peace love and the American way into him; his father also taught him the art of boxing. As Calvin Ellis he eventually ascended to the presidency of the United States [Action Comics #9]. He is allies with Nubia the black wonder woman and still finds time to fit heroics into his busy schedule. He was a part of the “Supermen of the Multiverse” during Final Crisis where he met “Sunshine Superman”.

New 52

He reappears in the new DC Multiverse to defeat an alternate Superman. Calvin also reveals he’s the leader of the Justice League; made up of a young black green lantern, Nubia, Vixen, Steel and Batman; he  also has control of a Brainiac computer and life model decoys to deal with his job as president if he can’ be their physically. Strangely he also has access to Lazarus pits to revive those who have died in battle. He also has the same relationship normal superman has with Lex Luthor with a racist undertone [Action Comics #9].


After defeating a robot from another dimension Calvin visits the watchtower, base of the Justice League. While having the robots parts analysed by Cyborg he found himself transported to the “House of Heroes”where he was greeted by Captain Carrot of Earth-26. He also met with Thunderer of Earth-7 who explained that the forces of the Gentry had destroyed his world and were now endangering creation itself. Cal manages to reactivate the ship and its artificial intelligence called “Harbinger” bid them to traverse the “Bleed”. Superman was able to steer the ship thanks to his knowledge of music. On Earth-7 the team attempted to rescue Nix Uotan-The last Monitor who had engaged the Gentry. The team unfortunately found themselves on Earth-8. As they faced the Retaliators , Uotan was corrupted by the Gentry and became their new most powerful pawn [The Multiversity #1].

Calvin aware of the Monitors and what they had done to safe guard creation pleaded with the corrupted Uotan to no avail. After a long protracted battle Nix was returned to normal and aided them in stopping the threat of the Gentry. Returning to Earth-7 they found the reality in shambles. Calvin lead a small team to confront the being at the center of it all, the leader of the Gentry the “Empty Hand”. Using his awesome power Empty hand sent them back to Earth-8 but not before vowing to return eventually and kill them all. Calvin having taken control of the gathered heroes banded together a team forming the “Justice Incarnate with the mandate to stop the “Empty Hand” and the Gentry’s evil plans [The Multiversity #2].


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