Mighty Avengers (2013) #4 Review

Mightyavengers2013#4 1INHUMANITY TIE-IN!

In the aftermath of Infinity, Luke Cage brings his Mighty Avengers together! And a certain Superior someone is not happy about it!

Plus: The birth of the new Ronin!

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The Good

Art- I can hear the collective screams of Blasphemy as you read that. Greg Land does good work this issue. Sure some panels are off but when everything is so smooth and slick I still have to commend the man. Land’s faces are all very expressive and this issue they all reflect the right emotions at the right time. Mightyavengers2013#4 3

Tension– I understand how people fall in love with Superior Spider-man he’s the dick from high school everyone wished they could be but hated at the same time. This issue he calls out Luke Cage as unworthy of leading an Avengers squad and at the end literally says they should fight to decide who leads the team.

Black Heroes- Blue Marvel makes a brief appearance helping out superheroes in Germany. Blade/Ronin and Luke Cage have a few key character pieces this issue. While White Tiger, Monica Rambeau and New Power Man are also present and accounted for.

Cover- Not the greatest cover on the stands but symbolic as the New Ronin aka Blade in disguise shatters the image of Spider-hero. The Inhumanity banner is splashed across the top of the cover and the Marvel Now banner is at the bottom.

Social commentary- Al Ewing is doing a great job of taking the perceptions about the book and making fun of them inside. Spidey says a bunch of C-listers as them should call themselves the “defenders” but not the avengers. One fan actually made this exact comment when I posted the review of issue one. Falcon’s inclusion and his response to his inclusion was very tongue in cheek. I was wondering why the hell he was here without Captain America.  I also forget that he’s a solo agent at times and not just “and falcon” the sidekick.

Things to come- Why is Blade here? What’s his connection with the dark Sorcerer with whom he commune’s? Why is Blade keeping his identity secret? What’s coming down the line?

The Bad

Some will Hate the fact that Greg Land is on art duty and bypass the book as a result.

Others will see the cast and think gimmick and also bypass the book.

The Ugly

Mighty Avengers #4 is nice art and spot on characterization. Al Ewing and Greg Land turn in a very solid issue. 3.5/5

stars- 3.5


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