Mighty Avengers (2013) #2 Review

mightavengers2013#2 (1)INFINITY TIE-IN! new ongoing series!

Proxima Midnight is killing New York City one block at a time…

Luke Cage’s ad-hoc Avengers might not be able to stop her…

And the one hero who can is at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

Think it can’t get worse? It can always get worse.



The Good

Cover- This month we are graced with a close up of Proxima Midnight and her shiny helmet. Reflected in her headgear are Monica Rambeau, Luke Cage, White Tiger and Spider-man. The infinity banner is spread across the top while the Mighty Avengers logo is on the left side of the bottom. I dig the new mighty logo with its spray painted effect on the word mighty. A pretty decent cover though clearly not the best one on the shelves this year.

mightavengers2013#2 (5)Action- The Mighty Avengers fend off Proxima Midnight’s attack on New York City and it is glorious! Forget the simple fisticuffs that happen with the foot soldiers, the throw down between Proxima Midnight and Luke Cage was epic!

Detail- I’m enjoying the fact that this tale is taking place around the time that Ebony Maw had control of Dr. Strange, in the main Infinity books no great detail was given on what exactly Maw had Strange do while under his power. I mean this is Dr. Strange people he could cause mayhem on a global scale with his powers. 

Team– This one is coming together nicely just like the original New Avengers. All race to a particular site run into each other and later all join forces to combat evil.

Art- The art courtesy of Greg Land is much improved over last issue and as a result the issue flows much better overall especially the action scenes.

mightavengers2013#2 (7)Blue Marvel– After his disappearance after his series and lack of involvement in Seige and all other marvel major events I’m overjoyed that my man Kevin Grevious’s creation is back in circulation despite this not being the best selling Avengers title out there. I found his exchanges with the Watcher cute and he made a slight reference to his retirement because of racism back when he was younger. The appearance of Shuma Gorath and the injury of Monica Rambeaue will serve well to introduce him to newer readers while showcasing his superman class powers. Did you guys see his sexy new costume and the cape? Oh yes lord please! I want more!

Spider Hero– Who is under the mask? He could sense the summoning of Shuma Gorath before I happened, and he fights using nunchaku? Who the hell is he?

Luke Cage– I must say Brian Michael Bendis really redefined this character and made him well suited for the modern marvel community by making him and Avenger. This issue he is defeated by Proxima Midnight and gets motivated to get back up and fight her with broken ribs, lost molars  etc. thanks to the crowd chanting ‘Avengers Assemble’. That was a powerful scene which shows just how much it means to Cage to be an Avengers and the pride he takes in being an Avengers and a former leader of said team.

Black Heroes– This issue had Monica Rambeau, Luke Cage, White Tiger was on the cover and Blue Marvel. In terms of sheer numbers this is the blackest book on the shelves. Kudos to marvel!



The Bad

Typo on the first page featuring Blue Marvel and Uatu the watcher. Adam says “by they way” and not “By the way”. How the editors missed this I’m mystified!

Monica Rambeaue- The art on her is still a bit off.


The Ugly

This issue was better on every level than last issue, the art was less jagged and weird, action was far more focused and sharp and I can see how the team is formed and Blue marvel’s inclusion alone is reason enough to keep your eyes o this one 4/5

stars- 4


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