Mighty Avengers (2013) #6 Review

Mightyavengers#6 1

The Falcon is on the hunt – and what he finds will rock the Mighty Avengers to their core! Meanwhile, Luke Cage and Adam Brashear – aka the Blue Marvel – sit down and talk about dead Presidents, old mistakes and family ties. GUEST STARRING IRON FIST!

The Good

Art– I expect most comic fans to say “thank you lord” with Greg Land nowhere in sight. I hate to “hate” on Greg but Valerio Schiti turns in an excellent job on art duty with only a minor complaint throughout.  Frank D’Armata’s colors compliment the line work excellently making this a very pretty book.

Chemistry– The team dynamics are staring to show. Street wise Luke has a clash of ideals with Blue Marvel. Monica Rambeau has taken on a mentor role to Power man.I’m curious to see how these roles will evolve as the adventures go on and tensions increase. Mightyavengers#6 3

Black HeroesNew Powerman has the making of a next generation heavy weight. He has been trained and partnered with Iron Fist/Danny Rand, joined the Avengers initiative. Been tutored by Blade/Ronin and now is getting lessons from Monica Rambeau (Who was trained by Captain America I might add) and She Hulk? Executed right this dude is supposed to have crazy skills!

The Falcon also gets some much needed mileage this issue. Much like Rat Catcher from Batwing his connection to birds is highlighted. A man flees from the start of the issue after committing a crime which is only witnessed by two birds. Falcon who’s out of sight has the birds of the city scare the man into running straight into his direction. It’s one of those moments when you realize Falcon’s powers have been terribly underused since inception. Hickman teased something similar in the opening of Avengers (2013) but failed to deliver. Hopefully Al Ewing is up to the task at hand.

Monica Rambeau– Those crying foul at how Monica was illustrated during the Greg Land opening can breathe a sigh of relief as Monica’s African features are back, her nose now looks like most other black women so “whiteification claims” can be dashed to the winds. Ewing is also well aware what the Internets have been saying and with tongue in cheek has a woman with a little girl around age eight thank Monica for finally “relax” her hair aka ‘flash frying’ because her daughter idolizes her. When Vic gives her sass about it? Hilarity ensues.Mightyavengers#6 4

Luke Cage and Blue Marvel– The talk these two have is ripe with all the problems or issues we as readers have had with Blue Marvel’s retirement from heroics. Al Ewing has a handle on these characters and their history.

White Tiger– This issue she reveals her obsessive drive to patrol the city. We also know through advance solicitations that the name drop on the last page, Gideon Mace is the name of the man who killed her family. Shit just got real!

Metaphor– Ewing has extended the introduction phase of this book by using the “moving in” scenario as an excuse to have the team bond and for new readers to see the team in a non-action heavy sequence which highlights their humanity.

Humor– Having Ava Ayala and Luke discuss his old costume was pretty funny.

Continuity– It was also net to have Ava comment on what happened during Avengers Arena since she did serve in the avenger’s academy with all those involved.

The Bad

Cover – While it does stick out on the stands I really wasn’t feeling it this month.

Youth – While did enjoy the art why did Luke and Jessica look so darn young? I mean Luke could easily pass for a nineteen year old while talking with Ava and Jessica? Her hair color was a bit off and she also looked like a teenager. That definitely needs to be fixed for next issue.

The Ugly

Mighty Avengers (2013) has made me a huge fan of Al Ewing! He has delivered a character driven superhero romp that’s not just about heroics or about race. For that I give this issue a – 3.5/5

stars- 3.5


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