Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #7 Review

Capandav#7 cover

Final battle on the edge of infinity! Cap and the Mighty Avengers versus the creature from CORTEX! Featuring — Spectrum unleashed! And the secrets of the Neutral Zone! What strange horror lurks …


A pissed off Spectrum heads straight to Quantrel headquarters while Blue Marvel, Dr. Positron and Spider-man monitor things from the base. All New Captain America faces off against the monster Avengers, comprised of: White Tiger, Power Man, She Hulk, Kaluu, Quickfire and Gideon Mace. Cap manages to hold his own long enough by strategics until Blue Marvel can send Luke and Jessica Cage to aid him. At Cortex Base Positron, Blue Marvel and Spider-man show up to back up Spectrum. At first they are overpowered but the Brashear men manage to bring Kevin into our universe and he quickly ends the threat posed by the beyond corporation. As the team celebrates their latest victory Steve Rogers contacts the about the impending end of the world due to the incursion event and the upcoming Secret Wars.

What I thought

I really did dig the cover on this one. The Re-entry of Kevin Brashear into our universe as Blue Marvel and Spectrum looks on. Everything is bathed in blue hues and tones and just looks awesome! I also really liked the art which was stylized an well suited to this high energy tale. Spectrum’s powers also get crazy spotlight as she checks the whole building in the blink of an eye, creates hard light constructs and just all around kicks ass. The budding relationship between herself and Blue Marvel also has all of my spider-senses tingling nonstop. You can complain all you want but this series has done wonders for both Spectrum and Blue Marvel as characters. We had humor, action, a touch of romance a nod to a fan favourite series, honestly this issue delivered on all levels!

Overall I must give this issue 4.5/5 stars

stars- 4.5


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