Mighty Avengers (2013) #7 Review

Mightyavengers2013#7 cover Years ago, Gideon Mace murdered Ava Ayala’s family.Ava Ayala is the White Tiger. She channels the power of an ancient god of terror and bloodlust. And she just gave it full control.Pray for Gideon Mace.

The Good

Cover– Very eye catching and like nothing on the stands this week. We have Ava Ayala beautifully rendered in the mouth of her Tiger medallion. Very symbolic and totally pleasing!

Art– Frank D’armata is still on art. For the most part things look real good. The action is seamless, relentless and the faces are expressive. The splash page used to illustrate the exchange between Ava and the ‘tiger’ was also excellently rendered and well placed.

Dynamic– I love the team dynamic as it develops. Monica with her years of experience is a mentor/mother hen. Cage is the leader/family man; Ava is now clearly the wild card, She Hulk the Lawyer, Jessica Drew the mother etc. Everyone has a clearly defined role in the grand scheme of things and the execution is spot on.

Action- Thanks to the art the action sequences really shine. The exchange between Power man/Iron Fist and Ava is my favorite action sequence of February. Kudos on the great choreography!

HeroesAva Ayala is the break out star of this issue as she bargains with the “Tiger”, god and then goes on a one woman trek of revenge. Monica Rambeau is our other clear winner in this series. She truly is portrayed as the “sun goddess” she was always meant to be. In terms of power only Blue Marvel can compare. She stops the raging Ava easily and looks damn good doing it. Luke Cage and Power man were also present but this was clearly not their time to shine.

The Bad

Youth– Just like last issue the art indicates that everyone on this team is a smooth faced teenager, the reality is only two members are of the teen variety.

Blue Marvel– Where the hell is Adam Brashear?

EmotionAva Ayala was seeking revenge for the murder of their family yet the entire issue lacked an emotional echo of any kind. This issue would have been perfect if the art had been able to convey the pain, anger and hurt of this central character.

Again– It’s a running gag that Falcon always gets his ass handed to him and after showing how cool he was last issue……he gets pummeled and taken out in the blink of an eye. Mackie may be bringing Falcon to theaters but Ultimate Falcon is always going to be cooler as long as he continues to be everyone’s beating stick. Did he not get taken down first during the X-Sanction storyline? Yup!

The Ugly

Another very entertaining and exciting issue from Al Ewing with cool action scenes, good art and the most diverse cast this side of the Atlantic. Mighty Avengers #7 gets a 4/5

stars- 4 very good


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