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Spider-Island: Heroes for Hire #1 Review


Misty and her heroes for hire which includes the Falcon are hired by J.Jonah Jameson to help during the Spider-Island crisis. They end up battling many supervillains who now have Spider-man’s powers including Mr. Fish, Comanche, Cornel Cottonmouth, Spear, Chemistro and Deadly Nightshade among others. During the fight Paladin is infected and develops powers. Over the next few days his condition worsens and the heroes for hire continue o help the city. Paladin goes missing so Misty visits his apartment to visit him, she discovers he has continued to mutate into a humanoid spider, a fight ensues and she falls from a window. About to die her own spider powers emerge saving her life. She knocks him unconscious and spends the night realizing that they have feelings for each other despite her unresolved issues with Iron Fist. She hopes a cure is found soon as she continues to mutate into a humanoid spider.


The Good

Cover- Our trusty band of “heroes for hire” with six arms each attacking lady love Misty Knight who has the juiciest Beyonce booty front and centre of the page, I like!

Interior art-courtesy of Kyle Hotz hits all the right notes, particularly Misty knight’s illustration which is super sexy.


The Bad

Relevance- Just like every other side tale in a companywide crossover this tale has no bearing on the main story whatsoever.


The Ugly


Nicki Minaj

Rap’s reigning bad girl Trinidad born Nicki Minaj!

Spider-Island: Cloak & Dagger #1 Review


Cloak and Dagger get kicked out of the church they have been occupying since leaving the x-men (see Cloak and Dagger One Shot for details). Cloak has gotten them sponsorship to continue their heroics but Dagger apparently wants a normal life. As Spider-Island begins the two get drafted by Luke Cage’s Avengers to help with the riots. In the middle of it Dagger has to leave so she can attend her college class.

Elsewhere Mr Negative visits an old mystic to find out who is destined to kill him.


The Good

Cover- Nice image of our dynamic duo while a spider crawls in the foreground

Accessibility- The story starts with a brief retelling of our heroes’ origin so new readers can jump right in and enjoy the tale.

Humour- Nick Spencer has a great sense of humour and this issue has quite a few chuckle worthy moments to break up the sombre mood.

Dynamic- Cloak and Dagger continue to be pulled in two different directions. Night and day as always, highly amusing to watch this train wreck of a relationship continue to unfold lol

Art- a very sombre mood is portrayed by Emma Rios art which fits the story well


The Bad

Action- Nothing to write home about boys and girls

Relevance- Just like every other side tale in a companywide crossover this tale has no bearing on the main story whatsoever.


The Ugly


Green Lantern: New Guardians #2 Review


Kyle Rayner defends himself from the onslaught of multicoloured Lanterns. Luckily Saint Walker a blue lantern arrives to supercharge his ring. They manage to escape into space and he charts a course for OA to talk to Ganthet, the guardian who personally selected him years before. When he arrives the Guardians reveal that they have stripped Ganthet of his emotions rendering him a shell of his old self. They try to grab the rings around Kyle which causes them to attach themselves to his fingers. The combination of Rings transforms Kyle into a different kind of Lantern while the Guardians look on in terror.


The Good

Cover- Simple and elegant best describes this colorful (no pun intended) art piece showcasing Kyle Rayner flanked by Saint Walker (blue lantern), Fatality (pink Lantern), Bleez (red lantern) etc on a starry sky background.

Art-Tyler Kirkham is joined by Harvey Toliboa this issue and strangely they work magic together. Sure you can tell when one artist does more work than the other on a particular page but for the most part everything looks good!

Characterization- Kyle, Saint Walker and particularly Fatality reflected established character traits. Nods are made to Fatality’s past as one of the most notorious Green Lantern hunters. Saint Walker was his usual hopeful jubilant self and his ties to Ganthet are mentioned. Kyle’s past with Ganthet also get’s touched on though how much this history has changed in the new DCU is still unknown.  Meanwhile Bleeze the red lantern was typical to her role as was Arkillo of the Sinestro Corps. All around great characterization!

Continuity- Coming straight out of Green Lantern #67’s climax at the end of War of the Green Lanterns we finally see what the guardians did to our beloved Ganthet who was literally the heart and soul of the otherwise cold and highly illogical Guardians of the Galaxy :( I’m hoping Kyle can help the little guy and put and……end (again) to the guardians of the galaxy!


The Bad

Ultimate Lantern- We all know Kyle is the Ultimate kick ass all powerful ring slinger BUT is costume once he puts on all the rings looks like a nascar driver logos everywhere. His costume also looked decidedly grey….with all the rings shouldn’t he now be a white Lantern? Just a thought!


The Ugly

Green Lantern’s might shines bright with Kyle Rayner’s light 4/5

Wolverine and the X-men #1 Review


Wolverine gives Prof-X the tour of the school and gets his blessings. The rest of the issue is spent giving two school inspectors the tour of the school, of course in typical X-men fashion it goes badly, and at the end they get attacked.

The Good

Cover-I liked the simplicity of the cover, the team on a blood red background.

Humor- Sure word vomit was everywhere but we also got a fair bit of humor throughout which kept the boredom to a minimum.

Sheer Lunacy- I get the obscure angle this book is taking with Wolverine as Headmaster, Kitty Pryde as headmistress etc and clearly this line of x-men books will be run under the premise of these characters growing into these roles BUT the practicality of it is lost on me….and how can we take this staff serious when Rachel Grey is senior staff and Cannonball is Junior? WTF?

Confirmation- Well we now know that Black Superheroes Gentle, Bling and Cipher will be staying at this school along with Okonkwo/Oya and Frenzy.

Continuity- Fans of Schism (I know some of you are don’t even try to deny it!) should be happy the lame villains from that series….killer kids will play into this new status quo for wolverine.

The Bad

Art- Sorry Chris but this no nowhere close to being the best work you’ve ever done! Generic and uninspired art, weird poses, pointy feet reminiscent of Rob Leifield (Shudder). Lack of detail also springs to mind in various places and the new Hellfire lub black king who’s supposed to be 12 looks the same age as Quentin Quire. Bachalo my man you’re not new to the world of comics so these shoddy commissions may work for newbies but you have a higher standard to uphold.

Out of left field- So now Gladiator has a son? Right!

Characterization- Ok lest start off with the portrayal of Hellion as a school bully….been there done that! This story completely disregards all the character development he went through under Chris Yost and Craig Kyle’s New X-men so they can make him a stereotype once more, what’s worst it’s done in such a generic way his fans should/would be pissed!

Next up is my most hated black superhero EVER, Idie Okonkwo…….she continues to be the literal dumb African….No! Scratch that she behaves like a “tabula rasa/active” character from Joss Whedon’s defunct Dollhouse series. Now don’t get me wrong this portrayal works on a character like X23 considering her past but makes no sense for Okonkwo. In her defense though she’s been every black cliché one can include in a comic book since her debut so this is just par for the course I guess.

Lack of action- Sorry action junkies this book skimps on the skirmish and explosions for tons of exposition.

Verbose- Word vomit all up and down these pages, page after page after page after page of exposition….

Too much- Honestly while Justice League #1 and even by extension Ultimate Spider-man #1 felt like parts of a story this comic felt like Charlie’s angels full throttle. Too much happening, too much going on, allot of things were highly unnecessary, case in point “the Bamfs” essentially mini Night crawlers pop up at the end…was this necessary?

The Ugly

I’m not impressed honestly; sure I expect things to eventually get better but as Flash would say in Young Justice “I’m underwhelmed” 2/5

stars- 2

New X-men #21 Review


A year ago- Stryker saves a man from imminent death winning him his first new acolyte.

At the school Surge gets new Gauntlets from Forge as the O.N.E Sentinels have been placed around the school, now a camp for the remaining mutants on earth. The remaining students gather around the TV as the gravity of the power loss makes the rounds on the various stations. Tag and Prodigy wonder what to do now that they are human.  William Stryker flanked by his acolytes says the mutants’ losing their powers is a sign from god. The students then get into an argument before Wolverine introduces them to X-23Prodigy leads his friends to the danger cave which he was secretly creating, the Hellions follow them.

Ten days from now-In the infirmary Beast and Emma try to help Jay when Elixir realizes his injuries, Jay wakes from his coma screaming.

The Good

Cover- The fight fans of the series have been clamouring for since it began Hellion vs Surge. Dynamic colors, strong lines and bold pen strokes make this another beautiful cover!

Drama- It’s nice to see the tension from the original New X-men Academy X series carry over into this one. Hellion is still a class one dick. Prodigy and Surge still have relationship tension and hate hellion.

Mystery- What the hell happened to Jay is still up in the air and compelling enough to keep reading.

Logic vs Survival- Emma and Scott have a fight about x-23 and her place on the team. Scott thinks she’s a mutant so her place should be on the team. Emma meanwhile knows that she is still heavily conditioned from her time as an assassin and would kill everyone present at the drop of a hair if “Trigger” scent was present.

Art- Mark Brooks continues to hit the right notes in every panel.

Story- William Stryker and his crusade against mutants is not a new thing but with the school in disarray he will no doubt be a very bad foe for our New X-men.

The Bad

Action-Still no action in this issue :(

User- This story is not new user friendly, to understand what’s going on and what’s to come you would need a considerable backlog of knowledge of x-men tales past. The danger cave especially some jokes are just for long time fans new readers won’t get it.

The Ugly


Justice League (2012) #2 Review


In central city Flash is stuck investigating himself while Batman and Green Lantern can’t seem to calm Superman. Lantern contact Flash for help and he manages to hold off Superman long enough for batman to talk to him. The feds soon show up and the group flees. At Star Labs Cyborg’s father examines one of the Mother Box’s left behind. Cyborg and his dad have an awkward and tension filled moment right before the mother Box activates and Apokalips troops attack both the lab and the Justice League in two different locations. Cyborg is altered by the experience.

The Good

Origin- I must admit this new origin for Cyborg has me very interested and anticipating his technology coming out of this. Before he was an advanced cybernetic being largely earth based. Here he appears to have ties to Darkseid’s Apokalips technology. Huge upgrade! Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Splash pages- This issue made great use of Splash pages to highlight the action.

Family-Cyborg is easily the most human of all the Justice League thus far and understandably so since he’s the only team member without his own ongoing series. Cyborg is an athlete, his dad a scientist, they don’t see eye to eye on anything. Neither considers what the other does important, they have differing world views…’s an all too familiar tale which I can relate to since my dad was more sports oriented while I was an indoors type (laugh). This is a great set up for both Victor and his father’s characters to grow from here, granted Vic’s dad doesn’t die.

Characterization- Batman the detective brain, Flash ad Green Lantern the old friends and Superman the wild card. This issue really does a great job of highlighting all the various personalities, something missing from team books like recent X-men r even justice League international. Here everyone is important to the tale, its nice having a small cast where personalities are at the center of the tale.

Action- More fights more explosions and more excitement. This issue racks up just about everything from the first issue to great effect!

Cover Art- Superman pummelling Batman while Green Lantern tries to separate the two not only fits the story contained with but also showcases the artistic strength of the aged like fine wine Jim Lee.

Interior Art- Still gorgeous

The Bad

Hero vs Hero stories are cliché at this point even if we do like to read them.

The Ugly


Steel-John Henry Irons


Created by:  Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove

1st appearance:  Adventures of Superman #500, 1993

Alias: Man of Steel, Henry Johnson, Doctor Irons

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Justice League of America

Legal Status: unknown

Height: 6’0″    Weight:  256

Eyes: Brown    Hair: Black

Relatives: Mrs. Irons (mother, deceased), Mr. Irons (father, deceased), Maternal Grandmother (deceased), maternal grandfather (deceased), Butter (grandfather), Bess (grandmother, deceased), Clay Irons (brother), Jemahl Irons (nephew), Blondell Irons (sister-in-law), Natasha Irons (Starlight, niece), Paco (nephew), Tyke (former foster nephew)

Skills and abilities: Skilled engineer and inventor with a genius level intellect.

Powers:  None. He wears a specialized suit of armor which grants him superhuman strength able to lift about 70 tons, near invulnerability, a wrist mounted rivet gun, jet boots for flight and propulsion, an inertia dampening field, an artificial intelligence unit, life support systems and various other weapons.

He also carries a smart hammer capable of independent flight, its own online computer. The Hammer has kinetic damage capabilities that rival superman when thrown because the farther it’s thrown the more power it builds up. The hammer also has vast electromagnetic powers beyond those of Static shock.


John Henry Irons parents were murdered when he was young. This left him and his siblings poor, to keep them safe and afford them a better life he took up sports in hopes of getting a scholarship. Luckily his football skills matched his vast intellect and he went to Yale on a scholarship before being hired by Amertek. In his new life his engineering and ballistics skills led to wealth and affluence which he in turn used to help his family. All seemed good until one of his prototype weapons were leaked to terrorists and many innocent people died. Horrified by what he had inadvertently caused he destroyed all records of his works and went into hiding in Metropolis.

Here he assumed the identity of Henry Johnson a simple steel worker. A chance encounter with Superman changed his life. Superman challenged him to make his life “count for something”. This was the catalyst which lead him to create his exo-suit armor. After Superman’s death he took to the protection of metropolis in his place as “the man of steel”. He even lead “team superman” a group of s-sheild wearing superheroes; Superboy, supergirl. When Superman returned they became allies and he even helped him battle general Zod and repair the fortress of solitude. During “worlds collide” he battled Hardware and was defeated by him. John went on to join the Justice League.

When imperil threatened to destroy all creation he released Doomsday from the JLA watchtower and was mortally wounded, the Black Racer claimed his soul and turned it over to Darkseid who restored him to life. He was cursed with a new armor made on Apokalips the “entropy Aegis”. After using it he was left injured and retired from the superhero business. During this time he made armor for his niece Natasha Irons who took up the mantle of Steel.

Later he returned to active duty and battled helped shut down Lex Luthor who had gained abilities similar to Superman. Then him and Natasha reestablished “Steel Works”. Doomsday who was even more powerful than before, he was defeated and captured. All the Supermen eventually defeated the Doomsdays and went back to heroics.

Facts: Aspects of the character are inspired by African American Folk hero/Mythology John Henry who worked as a “steel-driver”—a man tasked with hammering and chiseling rock in the construction of tunnels for railroad tracks. In the legend, John Henry’s prowess as a steel-driver was measured in a race against a steam powered hammer, which he won only to die in victory with his hammer in his hand.

Green Lantern Corps #2 Review


In sector 3599, our lanterns check the bodies for clues before Isamot cuts them down and sends them back to OA. They register a similar energy spike and head to planet Xabas.

In an unknown location a shadowy figure flanked by two glowing green lanterns (object not the people) and an army of followers gather on a deserted planet.  The ocean stolen last issue arrives on the planet and he sends his followers to deal with another task.

The Lanterns arrive in time to save planet Xabas from the army. Isamot closes the portal but ends up on the deserted planet alone. The Green Lantern Corps are almost overwhelmed by the small contingent of soldier who strangely seems immune to their willpower passed powers. Luckily John Stewart and Guy Gardner figure out a way to defeat them.  As they interrogate the captives the portal reopens dumping Isamot who has had his arms and legs cut off. Then the whole army arrives to finish off the Green Lantern Corps.

The Good

Art- Fernando Pasarin’s art continues to shine in this gritty space mystery. The dynamic colors also add allot of depth to the inks.

Story- This tale is hinged heavily on the mystery of who’s behind the deaths, the theft of the rings, why the enemy hates the GL Corp, why they are immune to their powers.

The Corps- This issue highlights the other members of the team. The detective and Isamot get good panel time while John and Guy show why earths Lanterns are so special.

The Bad

Cover- The colors on the cover were a bit bland and the cover overall was unimpressive.

The Ugly


Justice League International #2 Review


The Giant attacks the team leaving Ice injured. Booster Gold decides to retreat, the team bickers about the decision while their new base has been blown up by protestors. They get an update on the situation and realize that three additional giant robots are active. They surmise that there’s more going on than they realize. In space the robots have awoken Peraxxus who intends to destroy earth.

The Good

Cover- Love the art as Booster tries to

Sexual tension- What the hell is up with Godiva? Home girl is practically throwing her kitty cat at Booster. Will eh catch as time goes on? We’ll see! Also Ice and Guy have long had that on again off again relationship and that tension can be cut with a knife.

Tension- Guy and Booster are going to be a very interesting pair to watch. They both have different approaches to being a hero and considering Guy thinks Booster is an “amateur” who’s going to be leading him, we know how this will end.

Art-Lopresti’s style has a very 90’s feel to his art, I like it.

Team- This team is full of untapped potential in dynamics and potential friendships, rivalries, good times ahead.

Humour- Sprinkled throughout are cool chuckle worthy moments.

Action-The issue opens with a healthy dose of action though not too much.

The Bad

Cast- I still feel that the cast could be even more diverse, DC has many heroes who never seem to get enough panel time and this book only scratches the surface on what the cast could be.

Token- Sorry guys but so far Vixen is just a token Black member who has gotten the least amount of panel time :( hopefully this changes soon.

Plot- Bland is the best word to describe the plot, aliens and giant robots? That’s the opening salvo? c’mon!


The Ugly



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