Ultimate Spider-man #3 Review


Miles shows his friend Ganke his ability to stick to walls. Ganke tries to convince him to be a superhero, Miles is still freaked out by his powers. They happen upon a fire and Miles uses his powers to save some people but Miles is left convinced he should just live a normal life since Spider-man both enjoys and saves people. Weeks pass and he returns to a normal life, attending school, making friends etc. One night Miles dreams of being electrocuted by Electro. When he awakens the students are gathered together to learn that Spider-man has been killed.

The Good

Cover- Another gorgeous Cover!

Splash pages- This issue has allot of Splash pages in the perfect places to enhance the overall flow of the story. Sometimes it’s just overkill but this issue hits the sweet spot of just right.

Art– Sara Pichelli’s art continues to hit all the right notes injecting her characters with personality and emotion few artists out there can match.

Development– Finally things start to ramp up here, we get Miles using his powers in public and saving people+ we also see the first glimpse of his Spider-Sense kick in.

Diversity- I love the dynamic between Miles and his Asian best friend. Good stuff for comics!

Analogy– It’s been years since the Spider-man mythos have been used as an analogy for Puberty but by Putting Miles at this tender age I can definitely see the possibilities. I had flashes of my own past as I watched Miles and Ganke in between the wants and needs of teenage and adult life “girls’ and childhood “Playing with Legos”.

Mystery- Miles Uncle Aaron/Prowler cleared out his apartment in record time, Where is he? Is he alright? These are questions for future tales to unravel.

The Bad

TPB Writing– Love it or hate it we are stuck with it.

The Ugly



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