Green Lantern Corps #2 Review


In sector 3599, our lanterns check the bodies for clues before Isamot cuts them down and sends them back to OA. They register a similar energy spike and head to planet Xabas.

In an unknown location a shadowy figure flanked by two glowing green lanterns (object not the people) and an army of followers gather on a deserted planet.  The ocean stolen last issue arrives on the planet and he sends his followers to deal with another task.

The Lanterns arrive in time to save planet Xabas from the army. Isamot closes the portal but ends up on the deserted planet alone. The Green Lantern Corps are almost overwhelmed by the small contingent of soldier who strangely seems immune to their willpower passed powers. Luckily John Stewart and Guy Gardner figure out a way to defeat them.  As they interrogate the captives the portal reopens dumping Isamot who has had his arms and legs cut off. Then the whole army arrives to finish off the Green Lantern Corps.

The Good

Art- Fernando Pasarin’s art continues to shine in this gritty space mystery. The dynamic colors also add allot of depth to the inks.

Story– This tale is hinged heavily on the mystery of who’s behind the deaths, the theft of the rings, why the enemy hates the GL Corp, why they are immune to their powers.

The Corps- This issue highlights the other members of the team. The detective and Isamot get good panel time while John and Guy show why earths Lanterns are so special.

The Bad

Cover- The colors on the cover were a bit bland and the cover overall was unimpressive.

The Ugly



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