Spider-Island: Cloak & Dagger #1 Review


Cloak and Dagger get kicked out of the church they have been occupying since leaving the x-men (see Cloak and Dagger One Shot for details). Cloak has gotten them sponsorship to continue their heroics but Dagger apparently wants a normal life. As Spider-Island begins the two get drafted by Luke Cage’s Avengers to help with the riots. In the middle of it Dagger has to leave so she can attend her college class.

Elsewhere Mr Negative visits an old mystic to find out who is destined to kill him.


The Good

Cover– Nice image of our dynamic duo while a spider crawls in the foreground

Accessibility- The story starts with a brief retelling of our heroes’ origin so new readers can jump right in and enjoy the tale.

Humour– Nick Spencer has a great sense of humour and this issue has quite a few chuckle worthy moments to break up the sombre mood.

Dynamic- Cloak and Dagger continue to be pulled in two different directions. Night and day as always, highly amusing to watch this train wreck of a relationship continue to unfold lol

Art- a very sombre mood is portrayed by Emma Rios art which fits the story well


The Bad

Action– Nothing to write home about boys and girls

Relevance- Just like every other side tale in a companywide crossover this tale has no bearing on the main story whatsoever.


The Ugly


3 thoughts on “Spider-Island: Cloak & Dagger #1 Review

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