Green Lantern: New Guardians #2 Review


Kyle Rayner defends himself from the onslaught of multicoloured Lanterns. Luckily Saint Walker a blue lantern arrives to supercharge his ring. They manage to escape into space and he charts a course for OA to talk to Ganthet, the guardian who personally selected him years before. When he arrives the Guardians reveal that they have stripped Ganthet of his emotions rendering him a shell of his old self. They try to grab the rings around Kyle which causes them to attach themselves to his fingers. The combination of Rings transforms Kyle into a different kind of Lantern while the Guardians look on in terror.


The Good

Cover- Simple and elegant best describes this colorful (no pun intended) art piece showcasing Kyle Rayner flanked by Saint Walker (blue lantern), Fatality (pink Lantern), Bleez (red lantern) etc on a starry sky background.

Art-Tyler Kirkham is joined by Harvey Toliboa this issue and strangely they work magic together. Sure you can tell when one artist does more work than the other on a particular page but for the most part everything looks good!

Characterization- Kyle, Saint Walker and particularly Fatality reflected established character traits. Nods are made to Fatality’s past as one of the most notorious Green Lantern hunters. Saint Walker was his usual hopeful jubilant self and his ties to Ganthet are mentioned. Kyle’s past with Ganthet also get’s touched on though how much this history has changed in the new DCU is still unknown.  Meanwhile Bleeze the red lantern was typical to her role as was Arkillo of the Sinestro Corps. All around great characterization!

Continuity– Coming straight out of Green Lantern #67’s climax at the end of War of the Green Lanterns we finally see what the guardians did to our beloved Ganthet who was literally the heart and soul of the otherwise cold and highly illogical Guardians of the Galaxy 🙁 I’m hoping Kyle can help the little guy and put and……end (again) to the guardians of the galaxy!


The Bad

Ultimate Lantern- We all know Kyle is the Ultimate kick ass all powerful ring slinger BUT is costume once he puts on all the rings looks like a nascar driver logos everywhere. His costume also looked decidedly grey….with all the rings shouldn’t he now be a white Lantern? Just a thought!


The Ugly

Green Lantern’s might shines bright with Kyle Rayner’s light 4/5


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