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Green Lantern: New Guardians #1 Review

The New Guardians part 1


In the past Ganthet digs himself out of the bodies of the deceased Guardians of the Universe. He creates a power ring and goes to earth where he bestows it on artist Kyle Rayner of earth and is impressed at how quickly he can use it.

In the present a Sinestro corp member is cutting a swath through an armada when his ring abandons him. Elsewhere a red lantern has his ring abandon him and dies. In another sector a Star Saphire loses her ring and Fatality luckily manages to save her and track the ring to its intended host in sector 2814. On earth Kyle saves lives at a construction site when suddenly all the rings surround him as he’s been chosen to wield them. With the rings comes a plethora of Lanterns to kill Kyle for “stealing” them. He prepares for battle.

The Good

Retcon- Right off the bat we get the new retelling of how Kyle arrived at getting his ring. You will either love it or hate it since a part of Kyle’s charm has been the seeming randomness of his selection and eventually ascending to literal godhood and remaining human. He was also completely self trained in the use of his ring and managed to host the Ion Entity and was the reason the Guardians even exist today. This retcon suggests that there was a reason that he was chosen and also suggests that Ganthet had a more direct involvement with his training.

Art-Tyler Kirkham’s artwork is very striking and visually pleasing. There is smoothness to his work that makes the comic look like cartoonish with a tinge of anime. Very pretty stuff!

Humour- I enjoyed the humorous moments throughout the issue. Particularly the jokes about Kyle as just another Lantern and the kid making fun of his costume all these are staples of the character and felt “classic”.

Kyle- Here’s a character that thrives on being on earth since he’s so human and accessible like Peter Parker. It was refreshing to have him back in his element.

Fatality- Finally some panel time to deal with her conversion to the Saphires and whether or not her old personality is still there. She also has a history with Kyle dating back to his early days as a hunter of green lanterns. I’m hoping that Tony Bedward will find time to show her how her transition to becoming a sapphire has affected or simply moderately changed who she was originally. + Her inclusion gives me an excuse to include this title on my monthly review list (yes!)

The Bad

Redesign- Not a fan of the simplified version of Fatality’s costume……it just seems like a step back for her although I get the artistic liberty taken with characters in a shared universe.

Physiology- Another major nitpick on my part, Fatality is portrayed as completely human, sorry but fatality has large elven ears which are her trademark… a fan this small anatomical problem was jarring.

Lack of explanation- Ok for new readers the swarm of rainbow lanterns may need clarification….there is no explanation given about their powers and why they are different colors. Not new user friendly.

Story- This issue felt like marvel’s new .1 stories which simply introduce you to the main character but is light on story details. This issue was entirely set up with sparse story details.

Art style- Some may complain about its simplicity and lack of detail.

The Ugly

Good Start to Kyle’s life away from John Stewart! 3/5

Bling-Roxanne Washington


Created by: Peter Milligan and Salvador Larroca 

1st appearance: X-Men, vol. 2 #171

Nationality: United States

Team Affiliations: X-men

Legal Status: U.S citizen with no criminal record

Height: 5’8                     Weight: 130 lbs

Eyes: Brown                    Hair: Black

Relatives: Roy “Daddy Libido” Washington (Father), Angel “Sexy Mutha” Depres (Mother)

Skills and abilities: Trained hand to hand combatant and capable leader.

Powers: Roxy is a mutant whose bone Marrow produces diamond hard shards which protrude from her body as spikes and covers her body in a crystal like substance. She is able to expel the shards from her body as high speeds like a projectile attack. The substance which covers her body gives her resistance to injury and grants enhanced strength.

The celebrity daughter of hip hop stars Roy “Daddy Libido” Washington and Angel “Sexy Mutha” Depres, Roxy was dancing in her parents music videos from an early age. During puberty her powers manifested and she turned her back on the music industry to enroll in the Xavier’s institute. She was assigned to Gambit’s squad where she was taught hand to hand combat and became team leader. When Mystique in the disguise of new mutant “Foxx” infiltrated the team she revealed an attraction to her.

On M-day she retained her powers but lost in Emma Frost’s showdown in the Danger room resulting in her not being trained as an x-man. This however doesn’t stop her from being taken to Limbo and tortured when Illyana Rasputin is returned to life. When Apocalypse returns she is given front line duty and was highly recommended by Rogue and Havok to join the jr X-men team.  Roxy however wasn’t interested and was even contemplating leaving the x-men when the government started treating Xavier’s as an internment camp. She accompanies the x-men when they go to San Francisco and establish Utopia. Along with Frenzy and Nekra she took on Ms Marvel. Later on she is captured by Emplate who uses her as food. She is eventually rescued by Rogue and confides in her friends she has a crush on her.

Wolverine and the X-men: New details

Fresh off the press comes new details of Wolverine’s X-men team post X-men schism.Our first image is a standard teaser with a few exceptions not seen in the full team reveal a few weeks back there’s a blonde woman beside Idie is a mystery…speculation runs high this is husk from generation-x, you know sister to Cannonball and former teammate to Monet st.croix. The other mystery is a lizard like kid speculated to be brood boy? and of course a mystery guy with a Mohawk speculated to be our man maggott returned!

This image needs no explanation, Wolverine in his infinite obsession has decided to name his school in honor of cyclops dead wife and his unrequited love jean grey. it’s a nice touch honestly as wolverine has clearly taken inspiration from her death….it’s impacted his psyche allot+ what better way to piss off Cyclops than this? hehe

The Headmaster

Here we have old man logan decked out in his sundays finest! one thing is for sure people it will be interesting for logan to be the leader of a very public face to the x-men. He’s always had storm and Cyclops to make the hard decisions while he just drank beer and went into berserker rages. How well will he handle reigning in his ferocity and actually show soem discipline to a team not made up of just killers?

One thing is for certain with these new images is that I’m interested to see where this goes, Storm would be a great asset to this school and considering it’s dedicated to her best friend the question remains why is she remaining with Scott? on another note we still have no idea what will  become of the other black x-men such as Gentle, Cecilia Reyes, Bling, Prodigy and Cipher? and c’mon its about time Bishop came back in some capacity!

Cipher-Alisa Tager

Created by: Marc Guggenheim and Rafa Sandoval 

1st appearance: Young X-men #8, 2009

Nationality:  Unknown

Team Affiliations: X-men, Young X-men

Legal Status: Uknown

Height: 5’7                     Weight: 120 lbs

Eyes: Brown                    Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Trained in unarmed combat by Cyclops and Jean Grey

Powers: She has the powers of invisibility and intangibility.  Like Shadowcat she can use her phasing to give the impression of flight, she can also disrupt the central nervous system and electronics when she phases through them causing a burst of electrical energy. Like Susan Storm of the Fantastic four she can render herself invisible but unlike sue she can also make herself undetectable to telepaths and eve hide her heat signature.

Cipher is on the run from a mysterious assailant and infiltrated the Xavier institute while Jean Grey was still alive. Inexperienced with her powers Jean detected her and trusting that her remaining hidden would be of use to the Xavier institute she and her husband Cyclops personally trained the young woman in the use of her powers in secret. She only revealed herself to teammate Blind Fold who she aided on many occasions.

When Donald Pierce impersonated Cyclops and formed the new X-men she tried to stop him along with Greymaken but was defeated. When Pierce was outed and the y-men attacked the team she revealed herself to them and aided them in battle. She joined the x-men on Utopia and participated in stopping the riots in San Francisco.

Houngan Supreme-Lord of the Loa

The Houngan are empowered by and worship the

Vodu/African Gods


The Mantle of the Lord of the Loa originated sometime after slavery began in the Caribbean. Slaves brought the worship of the Vodu gods with them and all it’s trappings.  Over time their handlers mistook Vodu for the french “Vaudois” a french catholic heresy and dubbed their slaves religion “Vaudou”…Voodoo. This became almost synonymous with Vodu over time.

The First Brother Voodoo

The very first “Brother Voodoo” had his origins on the island of Haiti. Brothers Laurent and Alexandre were free men who were pirates along with Captain Tyger. Together their fought against the slave trafficker Boute-Feu. Unable to defeat Tyger while he was accompanied by his friends he captured Alexandre one night and took him to Schango a witch doctor so old it was claimed he was born in Africa. This man worshiped the Vodu god Sagabata who had allied with Elder god Chthon to make Alexandre the first Zombie, a slave who could not rebel.

Many more Zombies were made and the two pirates clashed on earth. In the land of the Loa the Council of the Vodu realized they were powerless to destroy the Zombies because of Chthon’s power. Legba master of the Loa picked Laurent from the battle and offered him his power thus making him the first mortal lord of the loa. He also gave him an ultimate spell which could be used if all else had failed.

Laurnet as the first brother voodoo went straight to the source and battled schango. The experience of the elder sorcerer was too great and Laurent was defeated and on the verge of death sued the ultimate spell Legba had given him and his being was infused with the spirit of his dead twin brother Laurent. So great was the strain that his hair was instantly stroke with a streak of white. With his new found strength he defeated his nemesis thus ending the threat.

Laurent would then pass on the teachings of Legba to his student and thus the line of Lord of the Loa/brother voodoo was born.

Houngan Supreme

Over time Legba gave his faithful subjects the “Staff of Legba” which granted them additional power. This staff was only given to those who had ascended to powers beyond that of a “Brother Voodoo”. The first we know of was Papa Legba who traveled to the god realm Bondye after a time of great drought  seeking healing magic. He unleashed Ogoun the god of war and had to get aid from the then sorcerer Supreme Makeem.Unable to stop the god they sealed the doorway to Bondye using their souls and the mantles of Houngan Supreme and Sorcerer Supreme sought out the next in line. was given this power to battle ( Chronicled in Doctor Voodoo Sorcerer Supreme #1, #2, #3,#4 and #5)

Known Brother Voodoos


Jericho Drumm

Daniel Drumm

Papa Jambo

Known Houngan Supreme

Papa Legba

Jericho Drumm


Black Panther #54 Review


Casper visits his Dad in the hospital after he was beat up. He then gets a ride with T’challa and one of the Dora Milaje. On the way he lusts after the Dora and Laments his relationship. Elsewhere Sal meets with a rep of the 66 bridges ad eyes Tork as the person impersonating the Black Panther. At the precinct Casper gets then name of the person who sent out the hit on his Dad. Scruggs then reveals that they know the new Black Panther is a cop. Casper bolts and Scruggs confirms with Sal that Tork is the Panther. Casper visits Tork thinking they know who he is. Tork sends Casper home to lay low for awhile. Tork then gets shot and taken away by Scruggs. At home there’s an eviction notice on the door and his mom and baby moma are screaming inside. He takes his girl to Lamaz class and has an epiphany before donning the costume again. Meanwhile Tork is tortured for being the Black Panther.

The Good

Story- It’s always refreshing after reading any other comic to just come back and read an issue penned by Christopher priest. Everything flows like a well oiled machine, with purpose without fluff with hidden meanings you didn’t even realize where there.  Here Tork gets taken down as the Panther and lies about it to protect Casper. The mystery of who leads the 66 bridges comes to a head and the fate of Casper’s personal, professional and superhero life are all on the line.

Characterization- Casper lusting after the perfect Dora was completely understandable. Everyman whether he loved his woman or not cant help but occasionally be held captive of the thought of the uncharted territory of a new woman, especially when said woman looks like a supermodel and smells like heaven. That’s the truth ladies we love you but “them the brakes”!  Casper is also still conflicted about what he’s doing with his baby momma, he’s not in love with her, they would not be together without her being pregnant and man if that conflict doesn’t fill him with a sense of duty but also a sense of being chained down. Good realistic stuff right there. I’m sure many brothers can relate to that!

The father/son bond between Tork and Casper is also apparent. Tork may in fact be a better father to Casper than his old man. The idealism surrounding Casper’s dad Black Jack is realistic in many ways especially in light of him being removed from Casper’s life. Man children who grow up with either a parent dead or far removed like Black Jack are turned into something they re not an Ideal. The antithesis of those around you, something to aspire to, alas sometimes the reality is far too real and damning when it finally crashes down.

The Bad

Length- The storyline is a bit long, if you like one off tales this is not for you.

T’challa- Fans of T’challa will be pissed at his limited panel time.

The Ugly



Written by David Liss
Penciled by Shawn Martinbrough & Michael Avon Oeming
Covers by Francesco Francavilla

The war with the Kingpin heats up – with two issues hitting this month! Lady Bullseye and Typhoid Mary are out to kill T’Challa…time to call in Falcon and Luke Cage! The former King of Wakanda and the former Kingpin of crime wage in a deadly game, with the Panther’s homeland as the prize.

Black Panther Man Without Fear-Sales

Black Panther Man Without Fear #513                  33100

Black Panther Man Without Fear #514                   27,474

Black Panther Man Without Fear #515                   24,556

Black Panther Man Without Fear #516                    23,987

Black Panther Man Without Fear #517                   23,120

Black Panther Man Without Fear #518                    20,906

Black Panther Man Without Fear#519                     19,883

Black Panther Man Without Fear#520                     19,400

Black Panther Man Without Fear#521                       22,163

Black Panther Man Without Fear#522                       20,342

Black Panther Most Dangerous Man Alive #523        18,798

Black Panther Most Dangerous Man Alive #523.1         16,592

Black Panther Most Dangerous Man Alive #524           18,248

Black Panther Most Dangerous Man Alive #525             16,295

Black Panther Most Dangerous Man Alive #526              15,015

Black Panther Most Dangerous Man Alive #527            14,677

Black Panther Most Dangerous Man Alive #528           14,221

Black Panther Most Dangerous Man Alive #529           13,516

Sales figures are just for the debut month additional sales are not included, unless stated otherwise. Source

X-men Regenisis #1 Preview


From the previews (found below) a few tings are clear especially in light of the big reveal of who will be following cyclops and Wolverine in the new Status-Quo of the X-men line of books. First up is fan favorite couple Colossus and Shadowcat will be splitting up preventing the all elusive “happily every after’ that x-fans have clamored for since forever :( Colossus will be following Cyclops while Shadowcat will remain loyal to her father figure and mentor Wolverine. It will be interesting to note this is colossus after he was given the power of Juggernaut to further augment his strength. How will his changes affect his personality? Only time will tell! Next up are Sam Guthrie and Dani Moonstar both leaders of the New Mutants who recently found a mutual attraction after years of rivalry. Dani will be following Cyclops with much of the New Mutants but….Sam is mysteriously not present on either the Cyclops or wolverine  lead x-men…..could he be taking a sabbatical to return to his family farm in Kentucky? We will have to see! Psylocke takes the next spotlight as Cyclops wants her to head a new stealth team to replace the lost X-force……..curiously said team appears in the big reveal…with the Goddess Storm….? Why would she be on a stealth team? Better question why would she be on a kill team?? Next panel shows one of the five lights toting a gun, since Cyclops is treating even the children like soldiers could this be a continuation of those ideals, with the next generation of mutants getting their hands dirty in the fight for survival?!  The last panel is the most interesting, Cyclops telling Storm he needs her! She glances back in what can only be described as a sexy come hither movement replying Scott simply needs her powers. In this panel I got allot of sexual chemistry and considering Scott and Storm will be swapping spit pretty soon we could be seeing all that pent up tension between these two become something more…despite her all but now nonexistent marriage to T’challa. Also note Scott and Storm flirted in x-men xenogenisis #1. I’m intrigued enough to pick up a few of these x-men books in hopes that I’ll get some entertaining stories and Storm, Gentle and Cecelia will get proper spotlight. Oh and let’s not forget we still don’t know where MAGGOTT WILL FINALLY RETURN! Buckle up BH fans we may be in for an exciting ride!

Penciled by BILLY TAN
Variant Cover by MORRY HOLLOWELL
When the dust settles from the X-Men’s Schism, a line has been drawn, and every mutant must choose. Who will they follow — Cyclops or Wolverine? Either way, with mutant kind cut in two, things will never be the same. Setting the stage for this month’s WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN #1 and November’s all-new UNCANNY X-MEN #1, Kieron Gillen (UNCANNY X-MEN, JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY) and Billy Tan (UNCANNY X-FORCE, NEW AVENGERS) take us through the ranks of the X-Men as they choose their destiny.


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