Justice League International #1 Review


Andre Briggs convinces the UN to approve his assembling a team of superheroes from all over the world to form a Justice League for them, because the Justice League is independent and answerable to no one. They approve and he brings in the members to be lead by Booster Gold. Guy Gardner runs out on the team and Batman takes his place. They arrive at their first mission and get attacked by a giant Robot.


The Good

Team-August general in Iron from China, Vixen from Africa, Godiva from Britain, Rocket Red from Russia, Fire from Brazil, Ice from Norway, while Guy Gardner and Batman are American.  I love the diversity considering comics are filled to the brim and overflowing with white American men lets be thankful for a cast like this!

International relations– I can see this team being used to address various border skirmishes or stereotypes. In this issue we already see the potential with the Russian and Chinese members “ribbing” each other.

Leader- Booster Gold people! Seriously they put Booster Gold in charge! (Falls of chair laughing) ok now this has potential t be (A) very disastrous (B) Great character growth for a character who’s had no character growth in what seems like ages! + Batman sees potential in Booster as a leader of a team….hey Batman said it I didn’t (chuckle)

Tension- Guy storming out in light of Booster being leader is understandable and if he does return I expect them to have a fair bit of rivalry over the top spot. Russian and Chinese members I’m also expecting to butt heads.


The Bad

No one cares- I wasn’t going to review this issue because I’ve heard nothing but bad about the book while people clamour for Justice League #1 which was such an average book I don’t get why it’s being praised on every other website??? This book is superior in every way except art. We get a divers cast and a team assembled in one issue while JL has these gorgeous pages and a story that seems like an afterthought.

Dynamic Duo– Older JLI had the friendship of Booster and Ted Cord at the heart of it, this book is lacking that strong friendship since Ted is still dead. Just a nitpick of an otherwise good book.

Pacing- If you’re a fan of the long drawn out TPB writing format that’s all the rage nowadays you may think the issue and team comes together just a bit too fast.


The Ugly


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