Justice League International #2 Review


The Giant attacks the team leaving Ice injured. Booster Gold decides to retreat, the team bickers about the decision while their new base has been blown up by protestors. They get an update on the situation and realize that three additional giant robots are active. They surmise that there’s more going on than they realize. In space the robots have awoken Peraxxus who intends to destroy earth.

The Good

Cover- Love the art as Booster tries to

Sexual tension- What the hell is up with Godiva? Home girl is practically throwing her kitty cat at Booster. Will eh catch as time goes on? We’ll see! Also Ice and Guy have long had that on again off again relationship and that tension can be cut with a knife.

Tension- Guy and Booster are going to be a very interesting pair to watch. They both have different approaches to being a hero and considering Guy thinks Booster is an “amateur” who’s going to be leading him, we know how this will end.

Art-Lopresti’s style has a very 90’s feel to his art, I like it.

Team- This team is full of untapped potential in dynamics and potential friendships, rivalries, good times ahead.

Humour- Sprinkled throughout are cool chuckle worthy moments.

Action-The issue opens with a healthy dose of action though not too much.

The Bad

Cast– I still feel that the cast could be even more diverse, DC has many heroes who never seem to get enough panel time and this book only scratches the surface on what the cast could be.

Token- Sorry guys but so far Vixen is just a token Black member who has gotten the least amount of panel time 🙁 hopefully this changes soon.

Plot- Bland is the best word to describe the plot, aliens and giant robots? That’s the opening salvo? c’mon!


The Ugly



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