Spider-Island: Heroes for Hire #1 Review


Misty and her heroes for hire which includes the Falcon are hired by J.Jonah Jameson to help during the Spider-Island crisis. They end up battling many supervillains who now have Spider-man’s powers including Mr. Fish, Comanche, Cornel Cottonmouth, Spear, Chemistro and Deadly Nightshade among others. During the fight Paladin is infected and develops powers. Over the next few days his condition worsens and the heroes for hire continue o help the city. Paladin goes missing so Misty visits his apartment to visit him, she discovers he has continued to mutate into a humanoid spider, a fight ensues and she falls from a window. About to die her own spider powers emerge saving her life. She knocks him unconscious and spends the night realizing that they have feelings for each other despite her unresolved issues with Iron Fist. She hopes a cure is found soon as she continues to mutate into a humanoid spider.


The Good

Cover– Our trusty band of “heroes for hire” with six arms each attacking lady love Misty Knight who has the juiciest Beyonce booty front and centre of the page, I like!

Interior art-courtesy of Kyle Hotz hits all the right notes, particularly Misty knight’s illustration which is super sexy.


The Bad

Relevance- Just like every other side tale in a companywide crossover this tale has no bearing on the main story whatsoever.


The Ugly


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