Justice League (2012) #2 Review


In central city Flash is stuck investigating himself while Batman and Green Lantern can’t seem to calm Superman. Lantern contact Flash for help and he manages to hold off Superman long enough for batman to talk to him. The feds soon show up and the group flees. At Star Labs Cyborg’s father examines one of the Mother Box’s left behind. Cyborg and his dad have an awkward and tension filled moment right before the mother Box activates and Apokalips troops attack both the lab and the Justice League in two different locations. Cyborg is altered by the experience.

The Good

Origin- I must admit this new origin for Cyborg has me very interested and anticipating his technology coming out of this. Before he was an advanced cybernetic being largely earth based. Here he appears to have ties to Darkseid’s Apokalips technology. Huge upgrade! Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Splash pages– This issue made great use of Splash pages to highlight the action.

FamilyCyborg is easily the most human of all the Justice League thus far and understandably so since he’s the only team member without his own ongoing series. Cyborg is an athlete, his dad a scientist, they don’t see eye to eye on anything. Neither considers what the other does important, they have differing world views…..it’s an all too familiar tale which I can relate to since my dad was more sports oriented while I was an indoors type (laugh). This is a great set up for both Victor and his father’s characters to grow from here, granted Vic’s dad doesn’t die.

Characterization– Batman the detective brain, Flash ad Green Lantern the old friends and Superman the wild card. This issue really does a great job of highlighting all the various personalities, something missing from team books like recent X-men r even justice League international. Here everyone is important to the tale, its nice having a small cast where personalities are at the center of the tale.

Action- More fights more explosions and more excitement. This issue racks up just about everything from the first issue to great effect!

Cover Art- Superman pummelling Batman while Green Lantern tries to separate the two not only fits the story contained with but also showcases the artistic strength of the aged like fine wine Jim Lee.

Interior Art– Still gorgeous

The Bad

Hero vs Hero stories are cliché at this point even if we do like to read them.

The Ugly



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2 thoughts on “Justice League (2012) #2 Review

  • October 25, 2011 at 12:32 am

    Can’t disagree with anything you’ve said, I liked the issue because Batman had to use his brain to “defeat” Superman. I also felt that Supes WOULD have beat the crap out of these cats, which makes me feel warm inside. GL and Flash were comic relief. Funny, but I feel like I know more about the characters in JL than in their own books.

    I’d like Cyborg to look a little less like a cyborg. His look hasn’t changed in 30 years, time for something new.

    My hope is that they keep the numbers down as well, We don’t need JL Unlimited numbers of heroes…

    • October 25, 2011 at 12:37 am

      I agree! Smaller casts lead to better characterization and more time for each individual. X-men JLU etc have so many characters it’s hard to really get to know them. I also agree Cyborg needs an updated look……but I won’t get my hopes up since the advanced solicits and pictures show only a moderate update to his design 🙁


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