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Fearless Defenders #8 Review

fearlessdefenders#8 1New costume! New arc! New status quo I still won’t tell you about!

Misty kicked ass in Valkyrie’s world, now it’s time to see how Valkyrie fairs in Misty’s.

Guest staring Elsa Bloodstone!



The Good

Cover- Valkyrie gets a shiny new suit this issue and this is where it makes its debut, smack dab in the middle of this month’s cover.  It really stands out.

Art- This month’s art was great especially the depiction of Misty knight and her glorious Afro which the colors manage to even give texture (kudos).

Costume- Really like Valkyrie’s new digs!

Action- One thing you can’t complain about with this book is its always high octane and full of energy. The art is also improving in illustrating and choreography of said fights.

Villains- The new Asian chick with mad Kung Fu skills and magic was a nice foil to Misty, Val and Elsa. At the end when Caroline LeFay does the small speech about her supervillain connections really hit all the right notes giving a lot of weight to her despite being a new creation.

Ladies- The neatest thing about this book for me is how it sheds light on the often neglected and forgotten women in marvel ore. Last issue we had Clea love interest of Dr. Strange this issue we get Esa Bloodstone who I have not seen or even though about in years!

Black Hero- Misty Knight for the first time in eight issues is front and center and man does the change of pace not breathe life into a book that was becoming quite stale.


The Bad

Um- Ok I can see all these women as Shield maidens for Asgard but…..a Brood? I may sound Spiciest but that is way zanier than I would have expected this book to turn. On another note why are the Brood no longer scary? What’s with all the newer talkative friendly types? Broo is at the Xavier school, Hulk had “No name” in his warbound and now the darn thing joins the fearless defender? I think we may be reaching now honestly. The Brood were supposed to Marvel’s answer to the Alien franchise’s Xenomorphs but nowadays they really don’t inspire the fear and dread they used to.



The Ugly

Overall this book is still pretty good, the art improves each month, action is guaranteed and woman from all across the breadth and width of the marvel universe are utilized in sensible and interesting ways. Fearless Defenders #8 gets 3.5/5

stars- 3.5

Heroes for Hire: Civil War #1


Registration and the subsequent fear of it causes a rift down the middle of the Superhuman as well as the Supervillain community.  After successfully foiling the plans of Ricadonna (Daughter of the Dragons #1-6) our bail bondswomen of Nightwing Restoration are approached by the federal government (Iron Man) and asked if they would put together a team to hunt down unregistered villians. To this end, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing add new members Shang Chi, Humbug, Tarantula, Black Cat, Orka, and the mercenary Palladin to their team. They go after the bad guys, and are pretty good at capturing them, partly due to Misty and Colleen’s experience as bail bondswomen. The team is sent in to bust a ring of villains that provide new identities to others who are trying to leave the country. The team realizes it is a set-up and a fight for their lives ensues.  Actually, it turns out to be a double-cross, as our heroes have an inside man! The Heroes for hire team prevails, but questions arise as to why the whole team was not informed about the inside person.

The Good

Art- Facial expressions are very clear; the colors are very bright but not overpowering; each panel flows into the next.

Origin- The name “Hero for Hire” was originally coined by Luke Cage back in the day. He is credited with starting out the whole getting paid idea, and after partnering with Iron Fist, the name became plural. The group has endured break ups and corporate sponsorship, and has always been able to reinvent itself in one form or another. This latest group has been brought together by Misty and Colleen, who got the idea from their days working with Cage and Fist.

Cover- the group line up set on the purple background is striking. These definitely look like folks you don’t want after you!

Story Significance- this is one of the stories from the Civil War event. The Civil War started when members of the New Warriors attempted to capture 4 Supervillains and one of the (Nitro) exploded, killing hundreds. The government pushed to have every person who called themselves “super” had to register with the government in order to do so. The government side was represented by Iron Man, and the resistance was led by Captain America. The Heroes for Hire being used to hunt down unregistered supervillains just makes sense according to Tony Stark, who mostly just wanted to use the skills of Nightwing Restoration to hunt down Captain America. Misty Knight was one of the hardest critics when Bill Foster (Black Goliath) was killed by the clone of Thor. (Ragnarok of the Dark Avengers).

The Bad

No complaints

The Ugly

The events of the Civil War have affected the whole of the Marvel Universe, and Heroes for Hire are no exception. 4/5


Review submitted by Black Heroes member Marcus .H. Roberts

Villains For Hire #3 Review


Misty is under surveillance of the Purple and and his team who have discovered her secret identity. She realizes they are onto her and send for her team. Both teams clash briefly before her team joins the other because Purple man pays better. They get into her base and rip off her bionic arm before she reveals who’s really running the show, puppet master!

The Good

Story- The double crossing, trust no one vibe of this book is awesome. The fighting over the spoils of New York also works as serious motivation for these criminals as does money. Good stuff!

New Villain-Apparently he writer is well aware that Man-Ape is dead, this new version appears to both be younger and less experienced than his deceased counterpart.

Art- Pretty adequate for the dark sombre tone of this book and it works well with the action scenes.

Action-Lost of fisticuffs to keep action junkies happy.

Continuity- This miniseries sole purpose is to close off established stories from the last Heroes for Hire series, to that end it does its job well.

The Bad

Self contained- Nothing in this series will boil over or have any impact on the wider marvel Universe. So self contained it’s almost nonsensical.

Obscure- Book’s main weakness is still the use of C and D list villains. Sales on this book are bleak as a result.

The Ugly

Just your average comic book 2.5/5

Villains for Hire #2 Review


Purple Man freaks out as his operatives come under attack from an opposing team. Misty’s team makes off with the loot so purple man sends Head hunter to find out whom, even though she realizes that it’s clearly Misty Knight.  AT the bar with no name she approaches two of Misty’s operatives with Shocker as backup. A fight erupts but Head Hunter uses money to quell the situation. Back at Purple Man’s place he pays them more money for the location of their previous handler. Once he gets it he prepares to strike and moves his men into place.

Purple man can’t understand why Misty would be essentially usurping his bid to be the new crime lord of New York. At her warehouse Purple man’s operative watches her from the roof ready to strike. Inside the warehouse Paladin questions Misty’s methods and why she’s doing this. When he threatens to bring in Luke Cage and Iron Fist she knocks him unconscious with her bionic arm.

Purple man thinks she just became a credible villain.


The Good

Cover-Vicious looking cover as Tiger shark takes a few chunks out of Scourge, it looks pretty awesome!

Continuity- This issue brings up why Misty would turn to villainy and uses her recent Phantom pregnancy and break up with long time lover Danny Rand/Iron Fist and when her mind and body was commandeered by Puppet Master, the traumatic events of Spider-Island. They also make note that her history with Purple man and the need to have revenge as reasons that she has stepped over the line.

Art- Renato Arlem’s art is dark and gritty fitting a story about villains taking each other on.

Characterization- Purple man is powerful and a pretty calm guy when things go his way, whenever things go wrong he freaks out big time! It’s happened before and it sure as hell is happening now. Misty Knight also gets a good layered characterization with nods being made to her willingness to step over a moral line in order to enact her brand of justice. Most won’t remember that she slept with Power Master in order to get closer to him and thus bring down his empire while still with Iron Fist and she has killed many times when she sees fit. This villainy is just another means to an end.  Or perhaps she just snapped?

Accessibility- The small bios littered throughout the book help new readers to know at least the very basics of who’s fighting with whom from page to page.

The Bad

Error- on the inside cover the two teams are detailed and someone made the mistake of putting Bushmaster under Misty Knight’s team when he was in fact working for Purple man. Sorry but for top dollar I expect a perfect issue!

Obscure- Again Misty Knight is arguably the biggest name in the book, everyone else is so obscure you’ll need to hit Wikipedia just to keep your sanity.

Sales- Good thing marvel billed this as a six issue limited series because the sales figures on issue #1 were easily about the same as the cancelled Static Shock and Mister Terrific.


The Ugly

Misty knight vs the Purple Man in Villain on Villain action, for the fate of New York’s underworld! 4/5

Villains for Hire #1 Review


Purple man has assembled the Villains for Hire and sent them on a mission to secure evidence in transit. The mission goes south when another team of villains secures the evidence and flees.  Purple Man laments that he must find the competition and eliminates them immediately as they are trying to take over his empire. The other set of villains is run by Misty Knight who plans to stop Purple man before he can establish a powerful base and surpass the Kingpin of crime.


The Good

Art- Nice, gritty and dark perfectly suited for this series courtesy of Renato Arlem.

Cover- Good assortment of obscure villains like Bushmaster and Wraith

Characterization- Purple Man and Misty knight are our main players with everyone else as support. Misty has been rocking the marvel universe for awhile now as marvel’s version of Oracle/Barbara Gordon. Purple man in this issue ahs another of his famous freak outs when things start going south. Only Head-hunter’s presence calms him down, this is typical for him.

Continuity- Misty’s time with the Heroes for Hire and her expertise in guiding a group of people, Purple man makes note of his time imprisoned in “the raft” before his escape in New Avengers #1.

Villains- Joining Misty Knight in this series are Deadly Nightshade and Bushmaster, black supervilains and Black superheroes unite!


The Bad

Obscure- This book suffers from a problem of obscurity. When Misty knight and shocker from Spider-man are your most recognizable characters you know you’re in weird territory.


The Ugly

I would say a solid start to Misty Knight’s venture into a villainous future 4/5

Shadowland Blood on Streets Sales Figures

Shadowland: Blood on the Streets

Shadowland Blood on Streets #1 $3.99 Marvel     22,110

Shadowland Blood On Streets #2 $3.99 Marvel     19,199

Shadowland Blood On Streets #3 $3.99 Marvel     16,396

Shadowland Blood On Streets #4 $3.99 Marvel     14’617

Sales figures are just for the debut month additional sales are not included, unless stated otherwise. Source



Villains for Hire #0.1 Review


Misty contacts Silver Sable about a heist. The criminal gets away from her so she contacts Black Panther. He takes down Stilt Woman and rendezvous with Hellstrom to secure the goods, meanwhile paladin stops the man behind it all. Elsewhere the purple man makes plans to start the Villains for hire.


The Good

Art-Renato Arlem does good work for this issue turning in the best illustration of T’challa we’ve had since Black Panther vol.4 ended!

Black Panther- T’challa under a new writer! Oh the possibilities! DNA handle his use in heroes for hire so well I would be willing to give up the current ongoing Black Panther just to have him as a regular cast member of the heroes for hire team.

Story- Very accessible and easy to understand story


The Bad

End- Sorry boys and girls but since the heroes for Hire ongoing is cancelled we may never again see this cast operating in this capacity.

Length- The problem I’ve realized with these .1 issues is that they are very short and contain stories often times far better than the regular ongoing! Things end just as they were getting good!


The Ugly


Spider-Island: Heroes for Hire #1 Review


Misty and her heroes for hire which includes the Falcon are hired by J.Jonah Jameson to help during the Spider-Island crisis. They end up battling many supervillains who now have Spider-man’s powers including Mr. Fish, Comanche, Cornel Cottonmouth, Spear, Chemistro and Deadly Nightshade among others. During the fight Paladin is infected and develops powers. Over the next few days his condition worsens and the heroes for hire continue o help the city. Paladin goes missing so Misty visits his apartment to visit him, she discovers he has continued to mutate into a humanoid spider, a fight ensues and she falls from a window. About to die her own spider powers emerge saving her life. She knocks him unconscious and spends the night realizing that they have feelings for each other despite her unresolved issues with Iron Fist. She hopes a cure is found soon as she continues to mutate into a humanoid spider.


The Good

Cover- Our trusty band of “heroes for hire” with six arms each attacking lady love Misty Knight who has the juiciest Beyonce booty front and centre of the page, I like!

Interior art-courtesy of Kyle Hotz hits all the right notes, particularly Misty knight’s illustration which is super sexy.


The Bad

Relevance- Just like every other side tale in a companywide crossover this tale has no bearing on the main story whatsoever.


The Ugly


Daughters of the Dragon: Samurai Bullets

Daughters of the Dragon: Samurai Bullets

Bounty hunters Misty Knight and Colleen Wing star in this sexy action thriller, the latest project from writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti – an entertaining mix of gritty action, biting comedy and sharp visuals provided by talented newcomer Khari Evans. When four less-than “super” villains – Whirlwind, 8-Ball, Humbug and Freezer Burn – skip bail and team up to rob the penthouse apartment of a wealthy publisher, they get more than they bargained for. Misty Knight and Colleen Wing are on the case. Unfortunately, so are a host of villains and assassins looking to recover what was stolen. Collects Daughters of the Dragon #1-6.

SDCC 2011: Misty Knight’s Villains for Hire

What’s the overall feel and tone that you want to convey with “Villains for Hire”?

We’d like people to be on the edge of their seats reading this one — it’s the dark mirror to the super-shiny, bright and breezy world of “Heroes for Hire.” Misty’s having to deal with some seriously dangerous people in the story, so it’s more serious and gritty, but there’s a thread of gallows humor running through it and some stunning action sequences that will hopefully make the price of admission worth it. Plus, we’ve thrown in a fair few twists and turns, surprise reveals and some jaw-dropping cliffhangers.

We’re having a blast writing this story as it offers us (and the readers) a glimpse into the dark, edgy corner of the M.U. that the villains occupy, where the only thing you can be certain of is don’t trust anyone, not even yourself!

“Villains for Hire” hits stores in November

Learn all about Misty Knight here


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