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Hardware TPB/Graphic Novel from D.C comics

Straight from D.C comes this graphic novel  containing HARDWARE #1-8 printed back in 1993. This series is note worthy as the very first series to be released by Milestone comics. You guys don’t know it yet but I have Big Plans in reviewing and other things :) with the “Dakotaverse”. Keep your eyes peeled  as we bring you all the latest on Black Superheroes from everywhere!!

Read the official press release here from D.C comics.

Here for your viewing pleasure BH fans are some preview pages from Hardware #1 found Exclusively at WolrdOfBlackHeroes!!! ;)

Black Panther: Man Without Fear Preview

Thanks to our good friends over at CBR for these preview pages! They show a meeting between Foggy Nelson longtime friend of Matt Murdock meeting with T’challa in an alley. What are they discussing? not sure but it may explain why T’challs is in Hells Kitchen. :)

Alternate cover by Simone Bianchi

Tchalla also appear to be in full combat gear…even a bulletproof vest :P still no sign of Storm….what does all this mean for the nation of Wakanda? and T’challa’s marriage? We’ll have to wait until December 2010 to find out courtesy of David Liss with art by Francesco Francavilla.

I don’t know about you guys but my interest is piqued!

Check out the CBR article here

Falcon: Wingman for hire

Wingman for Hire:Falcon

Well guys according to CBR the Falcon is set to have a new ongoing or maybe a miniseries since information is not forthcoming at the moment in which he is one of a few heroes set to be “hired” much like Luke Cage and Iron fist did in the past.

While I’m not sold on the idea. The art sure looks great!

Check out the CBR article here.

Black Panther: Man without fear!

Black Panther: Man without fear

It had to happen Bh fans or did it? T’challa has had to make some hard decisions in the Doomwar miniseries which saw Wakanda stripped of all it’s Vibranium stolen by Dr. Doom and his country taken over by the desturi ( a fascist group of wakandans) . To save the world he had to essentially render all the vibranium useless and thus Wakanda is no longer the technologically advanced nation it has been for years. What does this mean for the black panther? Apparently he will be be relocating to “Hell’s kitchen’ at the end of Marvel’s “Shadowland” storyline in which Matt Murdock long running “man without fear” will be either killed, jailed, or somehow removed from the playing field.

Marvel officially announced that the ongoing daredevil series will pick up in December as “Black Panther: Man without fear” what does this mean for T’challa? Wakanda and even his marriage to Storm is unknown at this time. Stay tuned as we bring you all the latest news BH fans, stay tuned!

Thanks to Black Heroes fan Michael Jewett and CBR for the heads up. Read more on this here

We also have the preview pages here!


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