Voodoo (Clone)

Voodoo Clone (New 52)

Created by:  Ron Marz and Sami Basri based on the original created by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi

1st appearance: Voodoo #1, 2011

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Wanted fugitive in the United States

Height: 5’10              Weight: 130 lbs

Eyes: Brown             Hair: Black

Relatives:  Priscilla Kitaen (Genetic template/twin)

Skills and abilities: Trained by the Daemonites as an infiltrator and a natural-born athlete and fighter.

Powers: Her Daemonite ancestry grants her the ability to become a mixture of a human/daemonite.  In this form she gains enhanced speed, strength and uncharted regenerative abilities and claws capable of shredding flesh.  She can also shape shift which allows her to assume a variety of shapes and forms limited only by her imagination. Pris can also read thoughts and absorb experiences from the minds of others.

Toxins- She has displayed the ability to render a man unconscious through a kiss and stated she used toxins to do so.

She has also displayed the ability to fire spikes from her skin with deadly precision.


Origin/Phase 1

Cloned from the cells of Priscilla Kitaen a human Daemonite hybrid who had been experimented on but escaped, she was implanted with training, memories and an inherent almost fanatical belief in the Daemonite prophecy.  Sent to earth after her programming had been checked she became a sleeper agent to gather information on earth’s heroes [Voodoo #0].

As a sleeper agent she took a job at the “Voodoo lounge” strip club where she became the very best dancer and attraction granting her the coveted title of “Voodoo”. Here she met agent Coulsen and viciously murdered him [Voodoo #1] before seducing his partner and evading capture of the Black Razors [Voodoo #2].

Voodoo after programming from Voodoo #0 art by Sami Basri
Voodoo after programming from Voodoo #0 art by Sami Basri

Voodoo then made contact with other hybrid agents like herself and fought Green Lantern/Kyle Rayner before making her escape. During the skirmish Kyle appealed to her desire of siding with the human race instead of the Daemonites [Voodoo #3]. When she showed up next she broke into a top-secret government facility and stole information on the Justice League and again evaded capture [Voodoo #4]. Making her way to a secret site which had an abandoned Daemonite ship she was confronted by a pure-blooded Daemonite who was a member of a faction which believed only pure blood Daemonites should be allowed to live and usher in the prophecy. During the conflict she pushed her powers beyond normal levels and entered and absorbed his knowledge and memories, shocking them both and giving her enough of an upper hand to defeat her opponent. Exhausted but alive she uploaded the information she stole to the ships computers and discovered “Project Voodoo” making her realize she was in fact a clone of the original Priscilla Kitaen  [Voodoo #5].

Revelations/Phase 2

Confused and shocked about her clone status she decided to confront her Daemonite handlers despite not being authorized for personal transport jumps. Aboard the ship she demanded an audience with the “War Council”. When denied she fought her way to their chamber killing all who opposed her [Voodoo #6]. The head of the council revealed her origin and that she was a “Perfect Clone”, the only one in fact as he set the failures out to kill her. As expected she defeated them all but almost found herself overwhelmed by their emotions. Her belief in the prophecy already imbedded in her very genes was confirmed when the high lord granted her the rank of commander of Earth’s hybrids. Sent back to Earth with a new mission she met her template Priscilla and without remorse killed Black Jack who attacked her and displayed a very different personality and mastery of her powers and abilities.  [Voodoo #7].

Voodoo slaughtered agent Coulson and toyed with Priscilla before making her escape [Voodoo #8]. Making her way to south America in an old Mayan she met with Helspont who told her of an incredibly powerful weapon located in the Daemonite graveyard on Saturn. Before allowing her to retrieve it however he tested her. Voodoo passed the test of brutality and Hellspont sent her in an automated ship for the weapon which she would return to him immediately if she was successful. While en route she sensed that Priscilla had accessed her memories and was also making her way to the graveyard [Voodoo #9].

Destiny Fulfilled/Phase 3

On Saturn she uses Hellspont’s likeness to gain the trust of the abandoned Daemonites who lead her to where the weapon is kept. Guarded by golem who allow no one to pass except the “worthy” sure of her place int he prophecy she approached the cave but was attacked [Voodoo #10]. Using her powers and misdirection and leading to the slaughter of many of the abandoned Daemonites by the golem) she entered the cave and just as she was about to grab the weapon Priscilla appeared [Voodoo #11]. During the battle herself and Priscilla shared each others life experiences and found some common ground but her programing was stronger and she grabbed the weapon to set the prophecy in motion. Before she could kill Priscilla however one of the injured abandoned Daemonites knocked her unconscious and had his guards drag her away for her apparent betrayal. This allowed Priscilla to escape with the weapon.

Once awake she defeated her captors, destroyed the Golems and rallied the abandoned to her cause. They bowed down before their new leader who was now hellbent on destroying all who opposed her claim as the new leader of the Daemonites; Hellspont, Priscilla and the Daemonite lords. [Voodoo #12]

Notes: DC comics after assimilating the wildstorm universe has classified Voodoo as African-American.  Voodoo is also one of the very few Bi-sexual characters in mainstream comics.


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