Voodoo #2 Review

Is she a hero? Is she a villain? Voodoo is on the run in the new DC Universe, trying to stay one step ahead of her pursuers, using all of her considerable skills to complete a mission that will put the entire Earth in danger. DC’s sexy, edgy new series goes into overdrive with one of the most unexpected opening scenes ever!


Agent Fallon wakes up in bed with Voodoo who’s disguised as Agent Evans after a night of sex. Evans (Voodoo in disguise) leaves Fallon in bed after getting what she needs out of her head. In the bathroom she changes into herself and leaves. Outside Fallon gets a call and realizes the real Evans is dead, she bursts into the bathroom but Voodoo is already gone.

Fallon goes to the strip club and sees Evans eviscerated, on the streets the military attacks Voodoo. She flees into an abandoned building as Fallon arrives. She gives a safe word “Ripley” and enters the building, both women fight and Voodoo disguised as Fallon makes her escape in plain sight using the safe word she took from her mind when they slept together.

The next day at a dinner Voodoo has no idea what comes next but plans to continue her mission.

The Good

Cover- Another outstanding cover from Sami Basri, this time instead of looking seductive like Voodoo #1 she assumes the form of a federal agent but is no less stunning.

Art-Sami  Basri is joined by Kendry Prasetya and unless you checked the credits page you couldn’t tell this book was done by anyone but Basri. I can’t get over how alluring, vulnerable yet strong he get the women on these pages to be.

Race- It’s interesting that Voodoo as a human is of “mixed race” with dark skin yet not dark enough that she can’t pass for a white girl with a tan. As she flees from the feds you can’ help but see the parallels that can be drawn to her “alien nature” and not belonging to any race much the same way some bi-racial’s are. Mariah Carey has often lamented not fitting in or being accepted by either the whites or the blacks. Marz uses her inherent “mixed-ness” by not specifying what mix she is despite dc comics confirming she’s a black girl. She can’t fit in not just because of her alien heritage but because in a very real sense she’s something else entirely.  Marz uses her unique look and alien background as a better analogy for the proverbial outsider and fitting in far better than the X-men line in years.

Bi-Sexual heroDc touted Voodoo as Black Bisexual superhero before her debut an this issue confirms it. Though in all honesty she appears to be more androgynous than being attracted to either sex, this is just her gathering information through sex much the way in issue #1 she gathered information through dancing.

Story- I love the spy game meets species vibe of this book. Ron Marz you woo me all over again with this book. Sure parts where predictable but the story flowed nicely from start to finish.

Anticipation– Next issue my man Kyle comes in! Me, Ron Marz and Kyle Rayner together again! Party!!!!

Action- This issue has a healthy dose of action which kicks things up a notch in a good way.

The Bad

No complaints

The Ugly

I am enjoying this so much it should be a sin! 5/5

stars- 5


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