Voodoo #11 Review

“DEAD CITY” continues as Pris is forced to team up with VOODOO to survive an onslaught of mutated DAEMONITES!



On Saturn’s moon Voodoo makes her way into the temple of prophecy and Pris arrives just in time to stop her. Outside both Pris‘s unit and the Daemonites are massacred.


The Good

Art- Sami Basri as usual turns in stellar artwork.

Action-Blood, explosions, sparks etc all the trademarks of an action heavy story are here.

Cover-Voodoo and Pris against the guardians looks decent.


The Bad

Character development- If you are looking for it you best be looking elsewhere.

The end- Take a bow boys and girls the only black female with her own series from marvel or dc is also on its death bed. Voodoo hats off to you! You outlasted and outsold both Static and Terrific, hopefully you’ll show up in an ongoing title worth reading.

Average- Honestly I was bored to tears this issue, everything was just filler from start to finish with the endgame being rushed to coincide with the books cancellation.


The Ugly

Yawn 2.5/5

stars- 2.5 Average

2 thoughts on “Voodoo #11 Review

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