Voodoo #5 Review

Voodoo discovers a threat that could expose her secrets before she can complete her mission. With her shape-shifting abilities in overdrive, Pris does what she does best when she’s cornered: fight.


Voodoo enters her ship in the American mid west after killing two guards. Inside the ship she’s confronted by the agent who’s been tracking her. He’s a pure blood Daemonite who plans to kill her to prove to his people that ½ breeds are unworthy of inclusion in their army. He also reveals a prophecy which involves ½ Daemites that he and his sect don’t believe in. They start to fight and Voodoo’s power of telepathy doesn’t work on her enemy. She pushes herself far beyond her usual limits and enters his mind. The Daemonite is shocked that she has power not displayed by either a Daemonite or a hybrid. She kills a Daemonite and accesses some of the information she stole last issue.

Agent Fallon has been fired from the “Black Razors” for botching the Voodoo case a few issues back. Fallon comes to a realization and takes Black Jack to an undisclosed location. Inside the secured room they find a hybrid that was captured, who look exactly like Voodoo. Elsewhere Voodoo wonders if she’s a clone!

The Good

Art-I’m still here because of Sami Basri who is a master of his game. Every page, every panel is drawn with expert skill and can you just look at Voodoo, she is smoking hot!

Black Superhero- I must say I’m impressed that Voodoo has managed to outlive both Static Shock and Mister Terrific who would have guessed it?

Cover- Voodoo a half blood Daemonite and a pure blood Daemonite in the center of a black cover in a form of alien Yin Yang symbol that looks pretty awesome!

Story- Alien hybrid on a mission, I can dig it! I like the premise of this story and how Voodoo and her ties to both the human race and the Daemonites have far reaching ramifications for the New DCU. I’m here for the long haul so let’s see where the story takes us.

Characterization- I’m feeling Voodoo on so many levels. Not just as a heterosexual man looking at a very gorgeous woman but also her nature as a woman who doesn’t belong to any specific race; in this case human or Alien; the conflict between both heritages is starting to come to a head. The memories she absorbed from the two agents have stayed with her. Love has entered her soul, something literally alien to everything she’s been taught thus far. She has started realizing there’s more to the human race than everything she’s been taught. The conflict is that she has a singular vision to her mission and the Daemonites. She kills the Daemonite agent not to save humanity but to secure her mission. She could go either way good or evil at this point. A truly neutral character is hard to find nowadays so I’m really digging Voodoo. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s a unique hybrid who may be the most powerful creature either race has seen before.


The Bad

Attack of the Clones- (shakes head) I can’t believe they went here. Clones have been done to death and saying it’s a cliché, is cliché, very disappointing turn of events.Priscilla Kitaen finally makes her REAL new 52 debut!

Ron Marz has been booted by dc off this book :(


The Ugly

Gotta show love for the only black female with her own series from either Marvel or DC 3.5/5

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