Voodoo #8 Review

It’s all been building to this! Black Razor Agent Fallon has finally tracked down Voodoo and has her cornered! Now it’s time for revenge. But Voodoo knows the truth of her own origins and will decide if she’s going to be a hero–or a villain. Don’t miss the blockbuster battle between Voodoo . . . and Voodoo!


Voodoo faces off with Priscilla and Agent Falon. Voodoo kills Falon and offers Pris the opportunity to join her so they can seek answers about whom they are and why they were chosen by the Aliens.  The Black Hawks attack and Voodoo escapes leaving Pris with them. The head of Black Hawk then offers Pris a job.


The Good

Reboot- For those who hated the book before maybe the new direction will appeal to you.

Art-Sami Basri continues to be the most compelling reason to pick up this book.

Action-Well it does have a few well illustrated action sequences.


The Bad

Characterization- Shot to hell is the character introduced in issue #1 (shakes head) I honestly feel cheated, Ron Marz had a clear handle on the conflict within Voodoo, she was a flawed and tragic character searching for identity and direction but she had a strength of character within all that, Pris on the other hand is a simpering weakling I can’t see myself ever relating to or caring for. 

Don’t call it a reboot- For all intents and purposes this book which received so much negative feedback when originally launched is being rebooted right before us. Our supporting cast is now all dead, Agent Falon and Black jack and the titular character has turned villain leaving us with “Pris” as the new star of a book that once had a serious edge.

Cover-Not the best cover this series has ever seen.

Direction-I still have no idea where to put this book in terms of category or even who to recommend it to. It lacks anything direction either be an action book, comedy, ensemble, and with recent developments things are murkier still.  

The Ugly

Directionless and lacking in focus, sure it’s pretty but with this soft reboot taking place this book will either die in the next 6 months or grow either way I can recommend that you pick it p unless your an art buff 2.5/5

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