Voodoo #0 Review

The truth about Pris is revealed at last as she sets off on a mission for vengeance that can only end in genocide!


Sometime in the past Priscilla Kitaen wakes up on-board a Daemonite ship in a roomful of abductees. She uses her powers and escapes much to the Daemonites surprise. They attempt to retrieve but are interrupted by the Black Razors who capture Priscilla. The Daemonites realize she is the “chosen one” spoken of in their prophecy so they make a clone of her adding to its template military training and a belief in their prophecy.

In the resent Priscilla saves Grifter from a Daemonite attack telling him they need to talk.

The Good

Cover- Priscilla Kitaen with her trademark wings is Sami Basri’s detailed and oh so sexy art!

#0- I’m sorry but I’m still very proud of DC for even going ahead to make this #0 issue after the dismal sales of this series and even the announcement of its cancellation. Who says DC doesn’t sometimes treat its black characters right?

Soft Reboot- This issue completes the soft reboot of the series after Ron Marz left. Those who hated Voodoo because she was a stripper can rest easy they now have this clean wholesome and boring Priscilla.

Art- The consistency of having one artist throughout the whole series will surely be appreciated by TPB fans.

Continuity- Well Priscilla will now show up in Grifter so her fans can be thankful unlike static she won’t fall into comicbook limbo.


The Bad

Priscilla- She’s still not nearly as interesting as her cone counterpart.

Art- While consistency is good, this was the weakest issue of the entire series, and perhaps Basri was tired?


The Ugly

This #0 issue ties up many of the plot points seemingly unresolved throughout the entire run of this series, for that I commend it. I’m disappointed that Ron Marz wasn’t able to fulfill his original vision but Joshua Williamson did his best with what DC Comics demanded. Overall 3/5

stars- 3


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