Voodoo #1 Review

Who is Voodoo? Is she hero, villain – or both? Learn the truth about Priscilla Kitaen as she leaves a trail of violence across America. Discover the new DCU through her eyes, because the things she sees are not always what they seem…


It’s a hot night in the voodoo strip club and the hottest girl, the aptly called Voodoo is shaking her money-maker. Evans and Fallon are two agents who have been assigned to watch the alien (voodoo) and find out what her intentions are. Fallon leaves and gets attacked outside but knocks everyone unconscious and heads back to her hotel room. At the club Voodoo finishes her set and gets invited to a private dance for agent Evans. As she dances he gets chatty wanting to know who she is and where she’s from. She divulges a bit before he lets her know he’s onto her as an alien. She promptly eviscerates him and quits her job. Outside she answers his phone and assumes his identity.

The Good

Art-Sami Basri who’s work I enjoyed on Witchblade turns in some very seductive and oh so sexy lines that make Voodoo one very hot tamale’

Writer- Ron Marz, my man from his stint on Green Lantern where Kyle was and still is my favorite superhero and Witchblade where he made Sarrah Pezzini more than just a metal bikini, if anyone can make this book more than revealing flesh it’s this man!

Controversy- I initially stayed away from this book because of all the negative feedback I had heard online. Then I remembered how much I enjoyed Reggie Hudlin’s Black Panther run despite all the negativity. Thankfully I picked this up and I’m not disappointed, Voodoo who I’ve wondered all throughout her inception if she’s black or not has been classified as such by DC (Thank god they cleared that up).  Originally she was a stripper as created by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi. People are complaining that she’s a stripper now? Are you people brain-dead? Or simply don’t know the origins of the character?

Another complaint I’ve heard is how “oh another black woman is a stripper”….um please tell me what other black stripper superheroes are out there because I know of NONE I know striperella created by Stan lee but she isn’t black and that’s it! Please complain and provide evidence and stop talking out of your ass cracks?!

What I liked– I loved Marz using Voodoo’s job as a stripper as a form of empowerment. Empowerment you say? Blasphemy! Hear me out! Voodoo is a stripper close by a military base, she’s an alien human hybrid sent here to gather intelligence. For an alien invasion to work she would need information on our weapons and how we defend ourselves. She can get this easily by being somewhere with a lot of military personal and when their guard is down, besides majority of the men coming to a strip club have little to no regard for these women they don’t see them as equal on any level, it relaxes them to think they are in control of the situation and thus manipulate by Voodoo. This means she’s using them and stripping to accomplish her goals without being a victim. voodoo3

Fact: Unless the other reviewers are all women or they are men who have never been to a strip club they would know it’s one of the most empowering places for any man to be. The illusion that they are in complete control of the situation and the women around them can be quite intoxicating. I’ve seen shy geeks became egoists just by entering a strip club. The empowerment the men feel makes them relax, why do you think men so frequent strip clubs? The sex? Nope (though some of them do lol) not everyone does that. The music? Nope! It’s the atmosphere!  And basic mind reading 101 dictates it’s easier to get into a mind with its defenses down than up. (Clearly quite a few reviewers missed Emma Frost Ethics class while at the Xavier institute) lol

Fact: Voodoo is using her mind reading in a similar way to Emma Frost when she was a dancer for the hellfire club. Did I hear complains then? No! So what’s with the double standard? A white woman can use stripping for her own ends but when a black woman does it, it’s slutty? Double standard much?!

NOTE: At the end of the day let’s be realistic not all black people or even human beings on a whole have a clean wholesome job and guess what some of them enjoy what they do. Just as real life has diversity so too should our heroes. Complain all you want about Prostitute turned superhero Rapture because you don’t know her background and likewise lambast Voodoo for being a stripper before you know the reasons why they are in the given situations. Open your minds people a diverse range of superheroes reflect the diversity of life!

Cover- Sexy cover, very sexy cover.

Wildstorm to DC- Voodoo was created by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi back in the 90’s when Wildcats was published under image comics and later the Wildstorm banner which has been assimilated by DC comics. This marks her debut in DC while retaining many of her trademarks. The costume she wears in this issue while on stage is a re-imagining of her original which she also wore on stage which you can see in our gallery here. Her background as a stripper is also retained as is her mixed race portrayal with decidedly dark skin tone (thanks to dc for clarifying that she is Black, since I haven’t gotten an answer from Brandon Choi or Ron Marz on that matter yet and can’t find Jim Lee).  Kudos on the retention and to incorporating wildstorm into dc!

The Bad

Overtly sexual- All the dancing and gyrating may be off-putting for those who are easily offended by females portrayed as strippers.

Rating- Some will complain that this book should be rated “A” instead of “T”

Prudes- Just stay away please this is not for you.

The Ugly

Sexy, revealing and controversial I want more! 4/5

stars- 4


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