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100 Black Supervillains!

For 2016 I decided to go hard or just go home. This year marks the fifth Anniversary of World of Black Heroes and we have decided to go back to event months where we cover a specific topic each month. January 2016 was “black supervillain month” but instead of making any old list I decided to make this our most impressive list yet. Behold 100 Black Supervillains!


Verrat Din (Character)

Verrat Din is a member of the Durlan race who impersonated Fatality/Yrra Cynrill of the Saphire Lantern Corps and seduced Green Lantern/John Stewart who was rebuilding the Green Lantern Corps! She now permanently possesses the powers of a Daxamite making her as powerful as Superman himself!?


Psiphon (Character)

Created by: Chris Cooper, Fred Harper, and Reggie Jones 1st appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #147 Nationality: American Relatives: unknown Group Affiliations: Leader of a Terrorist Cell Powers: Psiphon psionically feeds on negative emotions to increase his size, strength, stamina, and durability, and resistance to injury to superhuman levels. Weapons: When powered up Psiphon’s white hair…

Mister Jyn- Demonic form

Mister Jyn (Character)

Created by: Tom Brevoort, Mike Kanterovich 1st appearance: Sleepwalker Holiday Special #1; 1993 Skills and abilities: none Powers: Mister Jyn is a genie, which means he can alter reality, create matter, generate illusions, become invisible, turn into gas, fly, manipulate the weather, and a host of other things genies are capable of doing, including granting…


Zentra (Character)

Monica Debrau was a straight `A’ student throughout high school and college who was fascinated with the study of genetics. After joining a world class corporation she was tricked into becoming an enhanced human. Now she is the corporation’s number one spy and assassin and one of Purge’s deadliest enemies!?


Nightstick (Character)

Publisher: Image Comics Created by: Jim Valentino 1st appearance: Pact #1 Real Name: Unknown Nationality: Unknown Team Affiliations: The Institute Legal Status: Unknown Weight: 125 lbs    Height: 5’7 Eyes: Brown            Hair: Black Relatives: Unknown Skills and abilities: Trained in armed and unarmed combat. Powers: Unknown Equipment: Biography The woman known only as Nightstick is a member of…

Hollow 4

Hollow (Character)

Publisher: Marvel Comics Created by Chris Yost, Nick Roche and David Baldeon 1st appearance: New Warriors (2014) #6 Alias: Unknown Nationality:  American Team Affiliations: The Tribe Legal Status: Unknown Height: 5’9                Weight: 210 lbs Eyes: Brown                    Hair: Bald Relatives: Unknown Skills and abilities: Apparently he’s a skilled tracker. Powers: As an Inhuman he appears to have the ability to phase his body whether…


Alkalie (Character)

Publisher: Milestone Media llc./DC Comics Created by: Scott McDaniel 1st appearance: Static Shock #4, 2011 Nationality: American Team Affiliations: None Legal Status: High school senior with no criminal record Weight: 140 lbs    Height: 5’7 Eyes: Brown              Hair: Brown Skills and Abilities: Unknown Known Relatives:Robert Hawkins (father), Jean Hawkins(mother), Virgil Hawkins/Static (Brother/genetic template), Homer Hawkins (grandfather),Sharon Hawkins (Sister), Cassandra Hawkins (Cloned-sister) Alternate reality relatives: Larry Hawkins (Nephew), Sadie Hawkins(Niece) Biography A clone of Virgil…


Bludgeon (Character)

  Publisher: Image Comics Created by: Erik Larsen Real Name: Charles Johnson 1st appearance: Star #4, Nationality: American Team Affiliations: Vicious Circle Legal Status: Unknown Weight: 225 lbs    Height: 6’4 Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black Relatives: Unknown Skills and abilities: Capable unarmed combatant. Powers: He has superhuman strength and superhuman resistance to injury.   Biography  Brother of Chris Robinson. Transformed into Bludgeon by Johnny Redbeard who had taken over the…


Out Cold (Character)

  Publisher: Image Comics Created by: Todd Johnson and Larry Stroman Real Name: Duane Montgomery-el 1st appearance: Tribe #1, 1993 Nationality: American Team Affiliations: None Legal Status: Unknown Weight: 225 lbs    Height: 6’4 Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black Relatives: Unknown Skills and abilities: Well trained in armed and unarmed combat. Powers: He is a baseline human whose powers are granted by his Cryo-suit. Equipment: He wears a cryogenic induction…


Meruda (Character)

Publisher: Marvel Comics Created by: Monty Nero and Salvador Larroca 1st appearance:  Amazing X-men Annual, 2014 Alias: None Nationality: Kenyan Team Affiliations: None Legal Status: Unknown Weight: 325 lbs    Height: 6’4 Eyes: Red               Hair: Black (originally) Relatives: Unknown Skills and abilities: Meruda has limited knowledge of arcane rituals and magic. Powers: Meruda is an Inhuman whose powers were activated after Black Bolt…