Priscilla Kitaen (Character)

The Original Voodoo (Priscilla Kitaen)

Created by:  Jim Lee and Brandon Choi

1st appearance: Wildcats #1, 1992

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Wildcats

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’10              Weight: 130 lbs

Eyes: Brown             Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown father, Maribeth (Mother, deceased)

Skills and abilities: Trained in the alien martial arts for of the coda by zealot. Later trained in Voodoo magic.

Powers: A gifted high level Psionic talent. This allowed her to the ability called “the sight” which allowed her to see Daemonites who possess human bodies, see hidden truths about people and see through illusions. Other abilities include a Psi-Blast which induces pain and shuts down minds. She can read minds, take control of others and cast illusions. She also has the unique ability to pull out and separate a Daemonite from its host. Lastly she possess empathy to sense emotions on a limited basis and possess a magnetic attraction from the opposite sex, combined with her beauty this makes her irresistible to men.

Alien ancestry- She is a human-Daemonite-Kherubim hybrid.

Her Kherubim ancestry grants her strength and durability beyond a human. Since pure blood Kherubim are also immortal she has a measure of longevity beyond humans.

Her Daemonite ancestry grants her the ability to become a pseudo human/daemonite form. In this form she loses all her Psionic abilities but gains enhanced speed and strength and uncharted regenerative abilities (She once regrew severed legs). Claws capable of shredding flesh limited time manipulation and even the ability to perceive and manipulate magnetic fields.

She was later trained in voodoo sorcery while in Haiti.

New 52 Powers

Genetic tampering by the Daemonite’s grants her the ability to become a mixture of a human/daemonite.  In this form she gains enhanced speed, strength and uncharted regenerative abilities and claws capable of shredding flesh.  She can also shape shift which allows her to assume a variety of shapes and forms limited only by her imagination. Pris can also read thoughts and absorb experiences from the minds of others.


Priscilla was born a human/Kherubim/Daemite hybrid who lived oblivious to her true nature. She became the main attraction at an exotic nightclub where she was a dancer. She was saved by the wildcats when her unique ability to perceive daemonites who possess humans. Once on the team she was trained by Zealot in the martial arts of the Coda and began a relationship with team leader Spartan. She later entered a coma and her ancestry was discovered.

When the team traveled to Khera the Kherubim home world she experienced the victimization of Daemites and the lies of the Kherubim. This pt a strain on her friendship with Zealot and even after returning to earth she was left deeply affected and left the team. Moving to New Orleans she again took to exotic dancing and came in conflict with a few Voodoo sorcerers. The experience leads to her studying voodoo under an old witch.

She later moved in with maul and had her legs severed in an accident. While recovering she was approached by a daemonite who claimed to be her grandfather and taught her how to use her powers of regeneration and time manipulation. With her legs re-grown she stared a relationship with Maul though the increased physical sexuality made her power grow stronger and she began both manipulating him and sleeping with other men.

After this she returned to dancing but this time only privately for high end clients such as billionaires at this point she returned to the wildcats and helps battle the knights of Khera. She then communed with the dead in the Garden of ancestral harmony. At the end of the conflict she was tasked with finding the new doctor.




During DC Comics relaunch in the self titled series Voodoo two very different versions of

the original wildcats Priscilla showed up. One was a villain called voodoo who was cloned from

New 52-Priscilla Kitaen

Priscilla Kitaen who became a reluctant hero in the latter part of the series.

In the New 52 she was created by Josh Williamson and Sami Basri and first appeared in Voodoo #5, 2012.

Priscilla Kitaen was born in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana. At age four her mother died in a fire and she disappeared for twenty-three years. Captured by the Daemonites she was experimented upon to activate her hybrid powers. Awakening before her time she escaped from the Daemonites while in earths atmosphere and was captured and imprisoned by the Black Razors. [Voodoo #0]

When her clone Voodoo showed up and caused major mayhem she was released by Black jack and agent Fallon [Voodoo #5]. In hopes that she could help track down her clone Voodoo who had evaded capture and killed many in her wake. At first her inexperience made her more of a liability than anything else but after she was recruited into the black Razors and trained she realized that she had a limited connection with Voodoo which allowed her to read her thoughts sometimes. This helped her to track Voodoo to Saturn where she managed to survive a fight with Voodoo and make off with the Blue Flame.

Back on earth instead of returning home to a normal life she decided to stay with the razors.

Notes:Her skin pigmentation since inception has fluctuated from a light brown to sometimes Caucasian (Much likeMonet St. Croix). Within the new series however she classifies herself as “mixed race”. Also of note her unique physical traits can be attributed to her alien ancestry explaining why she has Caucasian features (hair etc) while still being Black.


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