Voodoo#7 Review

After returning to the Daemonite space station hunting for answers, Voodoo learns that you should careful what you wish for. Will the truth of the Daemonite hybrids force Voodoo to turn on her masters or will she finally succumb to her dark side?


Pris, black jack and Falon flee from the black razor base.

In space Voodoo confronts the council about her status as a clone.  She learns that she is a clone of the original Prisscilla Kitaen whose powers far surpass hers and every other clone they have weaponized. Voodoo is carried into a room full of ½ daemite clones. Her own failed clones attack her but she easily overwhelms and kills them. The council then offers here a higher rank in their army since she is still a firm believer in their cause.

Pris and the others arrive at the scene of voodoo’s ship. Voodoo returns and they attack her but she reveals she has accepted the council’s offer as she beheads Black Jack and prepares to kill Pris and Falon.

The Good

Mystery- There’s a never a dull moment In this book, and you never know what’s going to happen next. That’s a good thing!

Alien’s resurrection- Voodoo’s clone status reminds me an awful lot of Sigourney weaver’s Ripley in Alien resurrection. The flawed clones she faces later on even reinforces this since she is seen as a perfect clone and apparently the most “human” as well.

Action- Decapitation, evisceration and a super hot chick vs her flawed clones? Yes please!

Anti Hero?- Voodoo my lovely lady, what are you exactly? Not a superhero…not yet, she’s killing and injuring humans and plotting to help an alien race take over earth….um…she seems pretty villainous, not that we object when things are so fast paced and cool!

DC+Wildstorm- I’m really digging how interwoven into the new DC universe the Wildstorm characters are. I can already see how revelations from this issue will affect all the other space  faring heroes such as Superman, Justice League Dark and even earth based Grifter. Good stuff!

Art- Sami Basri is one of the best artist in the biz and unlike every other book on shelves he has not missed a single issue  yet. Consistently gorgeous!

The Bad

Cover– Not the prettiest or eye popping thing on the stands

Clone– Marvel comics X-men and spider man line of books have used the “OMG Clone” thing so many times I’m sure I’m not the only reader who cringes every time they hear the word “clone”.

Voodoo– Let me get it out there from now, this series started out with Voodoo a victim who readers could rally around against these space invaders. Now she goes from sympathetic victim to straight up villain? This ignores all the character development (laid out by Ron Marz) so far and to make matters worse they have introduced a “clean wholesome Priscilla” to placate all the people who complained about the stripping, bi-sexuality etc? Total cop out dc! not cool!

Disconnect- Voodoo moves from having doubts about the Daemonites and their mission and even the way in which they treated the hybrids like herself and here they offer her a job….and she accepts? Say what?!

The Ugly

This is edge of your seat mystery work with top notch art though the characterization suffers at times. Still a worthy read. 3/5

stars- 3 good


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