Thunderball (Character)

Thunderball – Dr. Eliot Franklin
Thunderball – Dr. Eliot Franklin

Created by:  Len Wein and Sal Buscema

1st appearance: The Defenders #17, 1974

Real Name: Dr. Elliot Franklin

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: The wrecking crew

Legal Status: US citizen with criminal record

Height: 6′ 3              Weight: 255 lbs

Eyes: Brown         Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Genius level IQ, he holds a Ph.D in Physics. He is most noted for creating a gamma ray bomb.

Powers: Superhuman Strength and durability, able to battle Hulk and Thor. He also wields a wrecking ball to great effect which has become his trademark.



Before turning to a life of crime Eliot Franklin was a promising mind with a bright future ahead of him. After going straight through college on various scholarships he attained a Ph. D in physics and began work on something that even Dr. Bruce banner had been able to do, create a Gamma Ray bomb. When the bomb was completed it was stolen and he foolishly tried to get it back but when caught was jailed. In prison he met Dirk Garthwaite/The Wrecker, Brian Phillip Calusky/Pildriver and Henry Camp/Bulldozer; together they formed the wrecking crew. When The Wrecker gained super powers he broke them out of jail and had them all hold onto his enchanted crowbar during a lightning storm. When the lightning struck the crowbar it distributed powers throughout the group. Over the next few years they battled Thor, Hulk, The avengers and x-men among others though they were jailed multiple times. They were also recruited by the Beyonder when secret war took place. He is still a supervillain to this day having long since turned his mind away from science.


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