Green Lantern Corps #51 Review


Ganthet is asked to reverse engineer the Alpha Lantern Process but ant since they were created after he left. In retaliation he has an alpha lantern commit suicide. Kyle and the others try to rally the robots of the planet but they are unable to act against Henshaw’s will. On Qward someone finds the white lantern construct and plans to make it into a weapon to be used against Sinestro. Kyle Contacts Hannu for assistance while Ganthet attempts to reverse the Alpha Lantern process to no avail. The trio finally rallies the natives with an image of their lantern Stel just as Boodika arrives to drain them of their powers. Hannu arrives just in time to save them. His presence also brings Boodika’s personality to the fore and she recharges the trio’s rings so they can take on Henshaw and save Ganthet.


The Good

Characterization- Hannu is the brute I remember him to be and his history as a Lost Lantern along with Boodika are also brought up. Kyle’s history with the JLA also gets a brief mention.

Ganthet gets the bulk of the spotlight and its used well with him crying and feeling Loss for the first time in his history. This is poignant since when the guardians sacrificed themselves after Hal sucked up the power battery as parallax he did not cry and even when they were brought back he shed a single tear out of happiness but the emotions he’s feeling now are a def step up for his character. It makes him more endearing and infinitely more interesting than the other guardians even though he’s always been that way, it makes him more so 😛

 Art- Still top notch

 Cover- A bit rough looking but adequate.


The Bad

Alternate cover- Why does the alternate cover have Barry Allen in a white Lantern Costume when he does not factor into the story at all??? + It’s hideous!

Natu- why is she even here? She serves no purpose?!


The Ugly



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