Hypno-Hustler (Character)

The Hypno Hustler

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Real Name: Antoine Delsoin

Created by:  Bill Mantlo and Frank Springer

First Appearance: Spectacular Spider-man #24 (1978)

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: US citizen with criminal record

Weight: 180 lbs.    Height: 5’ 11”

Eyes: Brown           Hair: Black

Skills and abilities: Skilled at playing the electronic guitar and genius level intellect in the field of engineering, used to create hypnosis devises and others.

Powers: Technology which can induce mass hypnosis. Boots which house retractable blades and various gasses.



The hypno-hustler and the mercy killers were a band who used their technology and mesmerizing music to hypnotize a crowd and then steal all their valuables. They met with Spider-man one night when he needed to unwind and visited a club. Their wiles proved unable to turn him however and he defeated them. Undeterred by defeat the group continued on their criminal ways only to be jailed years later in a special prison for supervillains.

He later pays Deadool to break him out of prison and kill Spider-man. He almost won but betrayed Deadpool leading to Pool and Spider-man teaming up. defeating him and sending him back to jail. While there he was shown to be in contact with Spider-man’s nemesis Mysterio who even sent him an autographed poster.


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