Rapture (Character)

Rapture-Sharona Jackson

Publisher: Image Comics

Created by:  Erik Larsen

1st appearance: Savage Dragon #5, 1993

Real Name: Sharona Jackson

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Freak Force and Chicago Police Force

Legal Status: Criminal record in the U.S.

Height: 5’7                                                      Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: Brown                                        Hair color: Brown with white patch

Relatives: Malcolm Dragon (Son), Joshua L. Jackson (Father, deceased), Martha Monroe (Mother), Thunder Head (Alternate Dimension Son)

Skills and abilities: Athletic woman in fit human physical condition.

Powers: Rapture possess the ability to generate vast amounts of electrostatic energy which she can release and harness. The limits of her powers are as yet, unknown but she can emit lightning-like arcs from any part of her body which she can propel through the air or through other conducting mediums. This discharge travels at the speed of lightning, about 1,100 feet per second. At close range she can easily kill a man.

Rapture also has a limited ability to absorb electrical energy from other sources to add to her own.


Origin and Tragic Past

Sharona came from a poor family. Her parents were never married and her father drank himself to death. Her mother, a prostitute, disappeared when Sharona was quite young, leaving her to live in the streets [Savage Dragon #31]. Sharona turned to prostitution too, as a means of support , and took the name rapture. Eventually she fell in with a group of girls who worked for a pimp named Bryan Louis Leroy Walker. Walker was a tyrant. After he beat another prostitute named Tracey Brown to death with a baseball bat, Rapture fled. She moved to another area of town and tried to get things together there [Savage Dragon #31].

One night Rapture was approached by an old man riding in the back of a black limousine. Thinking it was another “pathetic old john” she went with him. It was as it turned out Mighty Man’s old foe, Dr. Nirvana [Freak Force vol.1 #6]. Nirvana had been abducting people he figured wouldn’t be missed and was trying to induce super-powers and duplicate the circumstances that he thought created Mighty Man. Nirvana planned to give himself powers, crush his foes and rule the world. Rather than experiment on himself, he was using homeless as human guinea pigs. They all died [Savage Dragon #31].

The Origin of Rapture from Freak Force vol.1 #6, by Erik Larsen
The Origin of Rapture from Freak Force vol.1 #6, by Erik Larsen

Nirvana’s experiment on Rapture worked, but resulted in an explosion that ripped apart his lab, killing his assistant. It fried off Nirvana’s hair, burned his flesh and left him in a coma [Freak Force vol.1 #6]. He wound up in the hospital, rapture wound up with the ability to generate vast amounts of electricity. Rapture confronted Bryan Louis Leroy Walker after receiving her powers and threatened him. A super-powered girl named Ricochet tried to prevent her from killing Walker and a scuffle ensued. Rapture decided that it wasn’t worth throwing her life away for revenge and agreed to turn walker over to the authorities but Walker pulled a gun on her. Rapture defended herself by electrocuting him [Savage Dragon #31].

Joining the Police Force

Ricochet introduced Rapture to members of the Chicago Police Department and she was later inducted into what was unofficially called their “Freak Force” program, where she met officer Dragon, Dart, Barbaric and Horridus. Later still all members of the team except Dragon left the Police Department [Savage Dragon #06] because of the various restrictions and formed the group of super powered bounty hunters called Freak Force [Savage Dragon #31].

After Savage Dragon had been impaled by Overlord and attacked by Cutthroat she found and rescued him [Savage Dragon #8]. While he was recovering Rapture crawled into bed with him but nothing happened [Savage Dragon #9]. They decided to take things slowly and she occasionally aided During in battle [Savage Dragon #10, #11, #12 and #13]. They finally consummated their relationship after she returned from a secret mission with Freak Force [Savage Dragon #14].

Brush with Motherhood

She eventually proposed to Dragon [Savage Dragon #27] which strained their relationship because while he loved her he thought he was sterile and knew she wanted children. That night after Dragon spent the whole day thinking about what being married meant, she told him she was pregnant [Savage Dragon #27].

When Dragon immediately asked if she was sure the baby was his. Rapture was livid and immediately kicked him out of the apartment [Savage Dragon #28]. Their relationship was put under even more pressure when a video tape with questionable contents was delivered to Dragon [Savage Dragon #28-29]. They remained apart during her pregnancy [Savage Dragon #30-32] . When the baby was finally born (Malcolm Dragon) it was in fact Dragon’s. In a bid to reconcile he proposed to Sharona who turned him down in anger. While looking over her child in the infirmary she fell asleep and he was stolen and replaced with a dead duplicate body [Savage Dragon #33]. This event finally ended her relationship with Dragon.

Still separated but still in love she joined Dragon’s Special Operations Task force. She was killed in battle with Darklord [Savage Dragon #100].


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