Ciaran McCoy (Character)

Created by: Chris Claremont and Sean Chen

First Appearance: X-Men: The End: Book 3: Men and X-men #3, 2006

Known Relatives
Dr. Cecilia Reyes-McCoy (mother),  Dr. Henry Phillip “Hank” McCoy (father),
Francesca McCoy  (sister),  Miguel Alejandro McCoy   (younger brother)

Norton McCoy (Grandfather), Edna McCoy (Grandmother), Sadie McCoy (Great grandmother), Bob (Great, great Grand uncle)

Alejandro and Maria Reyes (grandparents deceased); Colonel Miguel Reyes(Uncle)

Height: 5’7                   Weight: unknown
Hair Color: Blue          Eye Color: Brown

Powers:He has a throwback mailman feline anatomy granting him enhanced senses, strength, agility and regenerative abilities

It is unknown what other mutations he will possess since his mother has a life force generated Forecfield and his father a Mammalian throwback/ feline enhanced physiology.


Ciarn is the first born child of Hank McCoy AKA Beast and Cecilia Reyes. They met during a time right after Operation Zero tolerance but it was only after the death of colossus did they truly grow closer. His parents are noted as falling in love on a beach where he may or may not have been conceived.

As he grew older he later welcomed two other siblings Francesca and Miguel. When the X-men were attacked by the Skrulls  and Shi’ar  him and his siblings were not present at the Xavier school suggesting they were educated elsewhere.


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