Wolverine and the X-men #5 Review


At Worthington industries the board has relived Warren/Angel of all his powers over them and locked him out of his accounts since they think he is no longer mentally balanced. Outside Wolverine tracks a member of the hellfire club while Iceman is left to run the school.

At the school Kitty has locked herself in her room since realizing she’s pregnant. Beast convinces her to have him check her over. Beast realizes that she is filled with microscopic brood that are devouring her from within. They make plans to go inside her body to deal with the threat. The impulsive Kid gladiator enters first and goes kamikaze within the headmistress.

Meanwhile Wolverine heads into outer space with Quentin Quire for reasons unknown, in earth’s orbit an alien descends with his brood pets and heads straight for the school.



The Good

Cover- Sick looking cover as the alien brood swarm all around kitty pride like ants descending on a pick nick!

Art- Not enough praise being given to Nick Bradshaw. The first few issues drawn by Bachalo were near incomprehensible but his art has helped sell the whole “wolverine and the X-men” pitch since we can now actually tell what is taking place from page to page/

Budding romance- Strangely the pairing of Idie Okonkwo and Quentin Quire has this weird appeal. Her character could seriously use some other interactions besides teachers, particularly Wolverine. It’s time to make her more than a cliché two dimension piece of paper and what better way than pairing her with the very last person you would want o even think to put her with. Cheers!

Chaos- The main selling point is still the sheer absurdity of having Wolverine in charge of this school. It’s hilarious! It’s like watching a train wreck you know it will end badly but you can’t seem to look away.


The Bad

Chaos- In the same way that I enjoyed the many things and craziness of the book others may be put off by just how many things are happening at any one time in these pages.

Idie Okonkwo– She’s been with the X-men for awhile now and she still has no discernible personality of depth. Time to seriously flesh out this chick or just kill her!


The Ugly

TLC had an album called “Crazy Sexy Cool back in the 90’s and that’s exactly what describes Wolverine and the X-men 4/5


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