Bronze Tiger (Character)

bronze-tiger5Publisher: DC Comics

Created by:  Dennis O’Neil, Jim Berry, Leo Duranona

1st appearance: Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter #1, May 1975

Real Name: Ben Turner

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Suicide Squad, League of assassins

Legal Status: Wanted for murder in multiple countries

Height: 6’2              Weight: 210 lbs

Eyes: Brown             Hair: Black

Relatives: Unnamed Mother (Status Unknown), Unnamed father (Status Unknown)

Skills and abilities: Tiger is one of the top martial artists in the DC universe. He was trained alongside Richard Dragon; who went on to train Batman, Nightwing and Huntress among others; and Lady Shiva; the dc universe’s greatest martial artist. He is portrayed as equal to Dragon in Skill and has even defeated Batman in combat. He has lead the league of assassins and trained both Red Hood and Cassandra Cain.

Powers: In the New 52 redesign Ben has the meta-human ability to transform into a were-Tiger with enhanced strength, senses and agility and razor sharp claws.


Ben grew up in central city without a father and perhaps as a result was filled with rage from early on. At the age of ten he killed a burglar to save his mother’s life. After this his rage got the best of him and he got into trouble both at school and with the law until the end of high school. Deciding he needed to be free of his “demons” he sought out a martial arts teacher. He found O-sensei who taught him martial arts and helped him channel his rage. Together they found Richard Dragon who became like a brother to him. They are eventually joined by Sandra Woosan/Lady Shiva.

The skill of the three became world renowned and caught the attention of the League of Assassins. Ben found himself brainwashed by them and his rage given life as the Bronze Tiger. During this time he is made to do unspeakable things and gains a reputation as one of the best assassins in the world. He is also one of many teachers for martial arts prodigy Cassandra Cain/Batgirl, it is around this time he defeats Batman in combat.

He was eventually rescued and deprogrammed by Amanda Waller who recruits him for “The Suicide Squad”. He becomes the second in command of the team and later the leader while dating Vixen, before his mind fractures and his assassin programming resurfaces occasionally. This puts a strain on his relationship with Vixen and the two eventually end their relationship on good terms. He later faces himself in battle and his mind is completely healed. After the team disbands he becomes Gypsy’s teacher in martial arts and the two start a relationship while members of Justice League Task Force.

When that team disbanded he rejoined a new Suicide squad in which he was leader. They aided the Justice League, Checkmate, Batman and many others.

View him defeating Batman and others here!

New 52

Making his new 52 debut in the Red Hood and the Outlaws title Ben is seen as one of Jason Todd/Red Hood’s mentors after he was brought back to life. He leads the League of Assassins and was pretty close to Jason. He came back into his students life when a 1.5 Billion dollar bounty was placed on Jason and his team. He sent Cheshire to do recon before him and the league went after Jason. While Ben and his team had the upper hand they instead took Jason to their secret base and offered him a place as their leader in an upcoming conflict with the “Untitled”.


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