Thunder (Character)


Publisher: DC Comics

Created by Judd Winick and Tom Raney

1st appearance: Outsiders vol. 3 #1, August 2003

Real Name: Anissa Pierce

Notes: Anissa is also one of a handful of Lesbian Superheroes.

Team Affiliations: The Outsiders

Legal Status: U.S citizen with no criminal record

Height: 5’5              Weight: 110 lbs

Eyes: Brown                   Hair: Brown

Family: Alvin Pierce (grand father, deceased), Unnamed grand Mother (deceased), Lynn (Mother), Black Lightning (Father), Lightning (sister), Joanna Pierce (Cousin)

Skills and Abilities:  Anissa is very proficient in unarmed combat having been trained by her father since birth in martial arts.

Powers: Anissa has the power to alter her density which she uses for a variety of effects. Most notably near invulnerability and Super Strength. She also regular uses her higher density to create shock waves by stomping or jumping.



Anissa Pierce is the first daughter of Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning and his wife. When she was eleven years old she felt something pulling her down to the floor of her fifth grade classroom. When she pulled back it got worse. She crashed through the floor and landed in the basement, a twenty-five foot drop. There wasn’t a scratch on her. A day later following a thorough series of medical exams she sat with her father in a doctor’s office at star labs. He explained to her that she has the ability to control her density [Outsiders v3. #1, 2003]. Though excited she promised her parents that she would graduate from college before considering a vocation that involved costumes and beating up criminals.

At the age of twenty-two she graduated from pre-med from Tulane University and has been patrolling the streets for less than three weeks. The first night she went out was the day she got her diploma [Outsiders v3. #1, 2003]. She was recruited by Arsenal and Nightwing into the Outsiders, they noted “she’ good, but she has allot to learn” [Outsiders v3. #1, 2003]. Her first adventure had her saving the president of the United States [Outsiders v3. 2-3]. After this her father found out she was now a superhero and he begged her to walk away from the lifestyle, when she refused it caused their relationship to strain [Outsiders v3 #3].

Almost immediately after joining the team she found herself picked on by the Amazon Grace Choi though they were often teamed together [Outsiders v3. #2-9]. When Grace was injured her father showed up to take her back home hoping to spare her further harm [Outsiders #9].  He was instead pulled into aiding the team against a world ending threat. His adventure with Anissa convinced her more than ever that she was just like him ‘a hero born’ much to his dismay [Outsiders v3. #9-10]. While battling the fearsome five she almost drowned as the villains escaped, Jade saved her [Outsidersv3. #14]. As she recuperated in the medical ward she reconciled with her father [Outsiders v3. #16]. After this she spoke to her father after every mission letting him know what they were doing at all times [Outsiders #23].

After indigo betrayed the team and died she went clubbing with Grace and the two flirted while sharing drinks, rather uncomfortably [Outsiders V3. #28]. On a mission to Africa she was the only member of the team to object to them using torture to get the information they needed [Outsiders v3. #35]. Her exchange with Grace left her feeling closer to the Amazon than ever. At first she showed up at her apartment to talk but recoiled when grace had company [Outsiders v3.#44]. When her father was wrongly imprisoned she returned to Grace’s and they shared a kiss her in a fit of confusion [outsiders #45]. After Anissa voiced intentions to break her father out of prison Grace was the only person to back her up. That night she returned to Grace’s place and the two shared a passionate kiss and spent the night together [Outsiders v3. #46]. That night they hashed out the fact that grace liked her from day one and that’s why she teased her. The Amazon also revealed she has sex with men but dates women [Outsiders v3. #46].

When batman took over the outsiders she was kicked off the team [Outsiders v3. #50]. Grace continued to carry her on missions and she eventually wound up in a coma. After her recovery she moved in with Grace and rejoined the outsiders and did battle with her sister Lightning revealing a deep tension between the two.

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