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T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents #2 Review


Sri Lanka now: Out new agents are on their way to their very first mission. The new Lightning thinks of how he arrived in this position. He remembers life as a child in Kenya and ascending to the world stage as a runner. He remembers how even though he never took drugs a positive test result destroyed his career and left his family homeless and him sued by many in addition to returning his medals. The agency then offered him the ability to run once more and he accepted.

In the present they touch down and Lightning is warned that once he starts using his powers he will see things, very disturbing things but he must keep running no matter what. He does the deed and the rest of the agents prepare to move in. Their handlers meanwhile realize that they are walking right into a trap.

The Good

Art-Courtesy of Cafu, the art hits all the right notes.

Lightning-It’s always thrilling when a writer takes something as obvious as country known for its exceptional runners and adds the twist of superpowers. Kenya as well as Jamaica are just begging for someone to use the cliché of a runner from these countries but it takes Nick Spencer to finally make it a reality in 2011. This character’s brief history make him easily the most engaging character in this series thus far. Despite the nature of his powers I would love to see more of him.

Espionage- The rabbit hole is opened time to see just how far it goes.

Thrill- The great thing about books like this one is that none of the members are mainstays or very popular allowing the writer to literally write a story in which anything can happen at any given time. It’s refreshing in light of all the superhero resurrections and deaths that happen in a typical comic.

The Bad

No complaints

The Ugly

Great  origin for a highly original Black Superhero 4/5

WOBH Awards 2011

WOBH Awards 2011- Best New Black Character


Crux- Created by Scott Lobell, debuted in Red hood and the outlaws #1

Skitter- Created by Scott Lobell, debuted in Teen Titans #2

Miles Morales- Created by Brian Michael Bendis, debuted in Ultimate fallout #4

Lightning Created by Nick Spencer, debuted in T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents #1

WOBH Awards 2011- Worst Series



Green Lantern Corps

Black Panther: Most Dangerous man alive

Mr. Terrific

Static shock

New Avengers

WOBH Awards 2011- Best Series



Static Shock

Ultimate Spider-man

Green Lantern Corps

WOBH Awards 2011- Female Black Superhero of the year


Monet from (X-factor)

Misty Knight (Heroes for Hire)

Michonne (walking dead)

Oya (X-men)

WOBH Awards 2011- Male Black Superhero of the year


Black Panther

Static Shock

Miles Morales (Ultimate Spider-man)



John Stewart (Green Lantern)


Created by: Scott Lobdell and artist Kenneth Rocafort.

1st appearance: Red Robin & the Outlaws #1, 2011

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’10-Variabe              Weight: 180 lbs-variable

Eyes: Brown-Variable             Hair: Black-Variable

Relatives: Unnamed Parents (deceased)

Skills and abilities: Skilled geneticist

Powers: Through gene splicing he can transform into a large green skinned reptilian batlike creature with superhuman strength, speed endurance and flight capabilities. This form can also move swiftly through water at exceptional speeds.


Born the child of two prominent alien research scientists he grew up rich and deeply engrossed in the sciences. His family had their own personal lab which only he knew about as well with hi-tech machinery. His life changed when a spacecraft of Tamaranean origin crashed and killed his parents as they drove home. He spent the rest of his life researching aliens and becoming well versed in extra terrestrial technology. Gene splicing lead to an enhanced physiology with which he could fight and destroy these aliens.

When Starfire joins Red Hood and Roy Harper she has her picture taken on a beach and through the internet he locates and later battles her. Unable to defeat her in all out combat he uses a weapon from her own planet to give her human emotions.

Justice League (2012) #4 Review


Victor Stone’s body recalibrates with the cybernetic parts that have now been grafted onto him. He interfaces with the computer systems around him and defeats the attacking monsters before fleeing from his father upon learning he was the one who did this to him.

Elsewhere Aquaman and the rest of the heroes bicker about who should lead.

Cyborg continues to cut a path through Darkseid’s forces and apparently assimilates a “mother box” which reveals that the forces of apokalips plan to destroy earth through the absorption of all organic life. He teleports to the others as Darseid attacks!

The Good

Covers- All four covers are gorgeous so much infact I parted with much $$ to get each. Jim Lee you wound me with these works of art!

Cyborg- Every other member of this team has a solo book so it’s understandable that Victor is our eyes and ears in this new start to the justice league. Also good is the humanity invested into Victor. Outwardly he is arguably the most inhumane of the lot but he’s the most thoroughly developed individual of this team in these pages (on a side note I’m not reading any of the other characters solo books).

The new Justice League- Finally all the players are in place, the stakes are known the enemy is revealed, action is bound for next issue!  It was also amusing to see the different personalities play off each other even if Green Lantern was annoying as hell!

Aquaman- Not since Grant Morisson had one handed long bearded Aquaman, has he been portrayed as nearly this cool! It was so cool I may even consider picking up his solo book next month.

Darkseid- Ever since Grant Morisson’s JLA and the superman animated series I’ve been a huge Darkseid fan and his moderate redesign looks great! He is the perfect Villain for earths gathered heroes, can’t wait to see him in action next issue!

Humor- The assembled heroes were hilarious to watch bicker like children about who should lead. Nice touch since things could have easily been so sombre and dull.

Art- Jim Lee is the only artist I really liked back in the 90’s who still turns out some good art. Pacheco has been dull on Uncanny X-men and don’t get me started on Bachalo on Wolverine and the x-men (yuck) Kudos to lee on maintaining his high standard!

The Bad

Reynoldsification- Just when I started to stomach Hal Jordan DC decides Ryan Reynolds did such a great job of Hal that they have started incorporating his wisecracking and trademark “Kyle Rayner” brand humour into the once dull Hal. It doesn’t work for me, I HATE IT! XD

The Ugly

It looks good, reads good and is $$ well spent 4/5

Green Lantern Corps #4 Review


On Planet Xabas five abandoned lanterns including John Stewart of earth are overwhelmed by their mysterious attackers who take them captive and kills one of them to make a point that they are not to be trifled with. The captors then take their prisoners to their desolate planet. On Oa Guy Gardner interrogates their prisoner but gets no answers. Martian Manhunter luckily assists him and reveals that they are the one time keepers of the miniature power batteries and that they are headed to OA for the central power battery.


The Good

Cover- Eye catching with great use of lighting and the color green, it illustrates a bound John Stewart about to be decapitated by one of the Keepers. Very Nice :)

Story- This war with the Keepers makes for a very exciting and action packed story. The revelation that the Guardians have yet another secret…which is now threatening to destroy the corps comes out of left field. These little blue men have been around so long they can’t be trusted in any capacity. The keepers create and keep the miniature power batteries of the corps for years. Recently the Guardians made the “keeping” of the lanterns the job of their Green Lantern corps members so now we have an entire race out of a job and now hell bent on revenge. Peter Tomasi sign me up brother man I’m hooked!

Characterization- John was the soldier he typically is along with the natural born leader. To protect his unit he quickly surrenders and tries his utmost to keep them all alive after one member is killed to make a point, soldier boy is as compassionate as ever!

Meanwhile on OA the hot headed Guy Gardner uses his special brand of interrogation and anger to get absolutely nowhere! Typical Guy :)

Hannu of the lost lanterns is furious at himself for leaving fellow Lanterns behind. This is spot on since he is one of the “lost lanterns” who was left to die when Hal became parallax and later imprisoned on the manhunter planet. He knows what it’s like to be abandoned and feels it most of all for leaving his friends behind even though he had no control over it.

New 52- The inclusion of the Martian Manhunter and the mention of Stormwatch gave the tale some much needed weight by acknowledging that this story fits into a larger more organic dc universe. The martian

Art- Somebody give Fernando Pasarin a raise! Consistently great art in every issue, never missing a beat! Take note Uncanny X-men this is the kind of artist you should be using instead of so many “helpers/fillers” if the artist can’t make a deadline time to find a new artist!


The Bad

Continuity conundrum?- Ok so we now know Guy Gardner who before the reboot was friends with Martian Manhunter has now never met him before……ok! Got it!  Forgetting continuity you grew up with is really hard and learning what’s relevant and what isn’t will be a chore…’s like learning to ride a bike all over again :(

The Ugly

Strange enough no one seems to be talking about this book even though it kicks ass and takes names! 4/5

Peek a Boo- Lashawn Baez

Created by:  Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins

1st appearance: Flash v2, #180, 2002

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’5              Weight: 120 llbs

Eyes: Brown             Hair: Black

Relatives: Thomas Baez (Father)

Skills and abilities: She possesses advanced knowledge of medicine and first aid.

Powers: She possesses the power of highly unstable teleportation. Not only can she teleport at will but will also automatically teleport when anyone makes physical contact with her. A side effect of her powers is that the kinetic energy released in its wake causes a highly destructive explosion.


Lashawna was a medical grad student who had to stop her studies to take care of her ill father. When she tried to donate her own kidney her latent metagene activated causing her to teleport anytime anyone made physical contact. Unable to donate her own Kidney she vowed to find him an alternate. Because of the nature of her powers she ended up causing massive property damage and endangered lives. This led her to fight with Flash and Cyborg who defeated and jailed her. When a prison break occurred she escaped and witnessed her father’s last breath. She later saved Flash’s wife and revealed she originally wanted to be a hero but had been turned off by her experience with Flash and Cyborg. She then disappeared into obscurity.

Ultimate Spider-man #5 Review

~*Be sure to read the the preceding issues*~

Ultimate Spider-Man #1 Review

Ultimate Spider-Man #2 Review

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Ultimate Spider-Man #4 Review


Miles gets knocked unconscious while fleeing from Spider-woman. She takes him to Nick Fury who interrogates him about the origins of his powers and his uncle Prowler. Electro wakes up and attacks, Iron man gets taken out and no one seems to be making headway including Spider-woman and Hawkeye. Miles uses his venom blast to shut down the villain and gains everyone’s respect. Next day at school he tell his friend about what happened. Spider-woman in civilian gear and hands him a gift from Nick Fury, a brand new Spider-man suite. He is now officially Peter Parker’s successor!

The Good

Cover- Miles Morales vs Spiderwoman..clone female version of deceased spiderman? I like it!

Art- Honestly this is the best illustrated book I’m currently reading bar none. Sara Pichelli is making sweet love to every page of this comic book and the love just oozes out of every detailed and perfect frame. I have found my favourite artist of 2011 and someone I simply must interview when she has time.

Story- It took awhile but Miles Morales is finally the successor to Peter Parker with the blessings of both Spider-woman and Nick Fury, defeating Electro was the icing on this red and black cake and the present BH fans have been waiting for, for half the year.  It all comes together like magic!

Humor- You can complain about Bendis writing but the humor this issue was spot on and damn funny! Kudos for its inclusion!

Action- Lots of acrobatics, sparks fly and heroes take on the villain, action junkies you will like!

Things to come- Next issue Ultimate Prowler gets the spotlight as the second phase of this book comes to the fore.

The Bad

No complaints

The Ugly


Stacey Dash

Stacey Lauretta Dash  was born January 20, 1966 and is an American actress best know for her role in the 90′s hit “Clueless”, “Mo Money” and episode of Fresh Prince  and recently on vh1′s “Single Ladies”, Happy Holidays guys and MERRY CHRISTMAS 2011 from the beautiful Stacey Dash! :)

Lightning-Henry Cosgei

Created by:  Nick Spencer and Cafu

1st appearance: T.H.U.N.D.E.R agents #1, 2011

Nationality: Kenyan

Team Affiliations: T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents

Legal Status: Kenyan citizen with no criminal record.

Height: 5’10              Weight: 120 lbs

Eyes: Brown             Hair: Black

Relatives: Unnamed wife (status unknown), Unnamed Son (Status Unknown), Unnamed daughter (Status Unknown).

Skills and abilities: World class long distance runner.

Powers: The suit uses closed time-like world lines and relativity curves in quantum states to subvert and trade the properties of time and distance in measurable amounts: in other words it allows for superhuman speed but it shortens your life.


An African man from the tribe of Kalenjin in Kenya, renowned for producing many of the world’s best long distance runners. As a child he loved to run and trained hard to become another in the long line of Kenyan runners. Before he was recruited to Thunder he had won two Olympic gold medals and three world championships. He also held the record time in the Boston marathon and was hailed the best runner of his generation.  Riches through his running and sponsorships lead to a marriage with two children. Thunder decided to recruit him by faking a positive drug test and destroying his life. He was given the chance to run again and make his family proud by joining the United Nations sanctioned T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents. He accepted despite use of the power suit shortening his life span.

The New Dynamix #1 Review


On kurb radio lady love asks where are all the superheroes are before her show ends ad she transforms into love rocket. In the middle of nowhere a retired Omni makes pasta for himself and roommate Greymalkin who convinces him to check out TV. There a hostage situation unfolds and the captor screams for Omni. Superhero Sword arrives to end the situation and gets help from Love Rocket. The Captor confides in Love Rocket that Sword is a villain in disguise and both Omni and Greymalkin know this. Before he can say more Sword chops of his arm resulting in the captured Asian bow being infected with a mutagen. Lady Love takes the child to the hospital while Sword kills the captor before charming the news media.

Elsewhere Omni has seen enough he decides to come out of retirement to deal with this new threat himself.

The Good

Cover- Smooth and pretty just the way I like it! The alternate by Jim Lee has a darker tone which isn’t quite suited but still a good looking cover.

Art-JJ Kirby’s art has a smooth polished minimalist aesthetic which is very visually pleasing.

Story-The return of Omni to the superhero game is welcome! BH fans really dig Omni and I had no idea he had returned after Backlash to this series. I love his look with the dreads and hoped he would keep it but alas. His retirement makes sense if he was concerned about both being killed and he had become a joke in the hero community and his return upon his friend’s death equally makes sense.

Villain-Sword looks to be a villain hiding in plain sight and no one realizes it, his sword and skill will make him more than a match for Omni when they inevitably clash.

The Bad

No complaints

The Ugly

Can’t believe I missed this gem the first time around, solid story, solid art and return of Omni to the game! 4/5


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