Black Panther #22 Review

Black Panther #22 – World Tour, Part 4: Inside Man

Panther and Storm meet with Captain to rally forces against the . He refuses though as he cant get involved in foreign politics. Panther and storm help some children while in to curry favor for their own cause the Us watches this and plan an interception when they land in . They arrive to speak with the president and are sidelined by them practically forcing Ororo to sign a registration form. She refuse and they storm out of the white house. Once outside they try to save a child from a mob of protesters when a sentinel attacks them. They defeat it but get attacked by Iron Man. Panther and him verbally spar until War machine convinces them to stop. They do but Panther and stark both decide this is far from over.

The Good
Big improvement from the last few issues. It was great seeing How the Us government with the pro registration stance tried to Force Tchalla and Storm into a corner after they themselves attempted to rally forces against said government. I think the politics was intricate enough to make it interesting.

The Bad
I really couldn’t care less for the bland art.

The Ugly
3/5 stars


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