Firestorm #3 Review

Firestorm #3 - Eye Contact, Part 3


Jason is in shock after vaporizing a heroin house and the people within and it even more frightened when he cant seem to separate from the man who tried to kill him. They spend the issue discussing his lack of  confidence and the reasons for this. In the end he embraces his new lease on life as Firestorm and separates them but it’s too late they were joined too long and the man dies. Jason then returns home to his abusive dad who almost takes his head off. While on the phone later we see a slight difference in his eyes, a glimmer of hope which never existed two issue ago.

The Good

Jason is dead...Speak only to Firestorm!


This issue we got allot of our initial questions answered. We learn how his father got injured and the resulting abuse which lead to his mother’s abandonment of them and how he then became his fathers primary outlet to vent his frustrations at life. We also get a glimpse of the angry frightened little boy who Jason really is even now as a man thanks to the trauma he has had to live through.

Jason‘s dad this issue becomes more of a scumbag and frankly my contempt for him and hoping for his death or torture later on is a big driving factor in continuing to read.

The drug dealer dies this issue but before his death, which was a welcome by the way 😛 he manages to talk some sense into Jason. It was strange the things that can inspire people and this was captured well here. This man tried to end Jason‘s life last issue and here as he is dieing he gives Jason a reason to live his life like never before he essentially proves the old Jason a death while giving new Jason a chance to live. This symbolism was a welcome treat especially when you consider that Jason up till this point has been someone you feel sorry for…for all the wrong reasons.

With the end of this first introductory arc Jason has so many places to go as a character and be developed in so many different ways, lets see where this goes.

All that Power and he still can't stand up to his "old man"

Art by Chris Cross was as detailed as ever and captured all the scenes well.

The Bad

Jason as a character thus far grates on the nerves, he’s the kind of guy you feel sorry for, you sympathize with him but you just don’t like him. That is bad for a lead character. Sure this is how the writer plans to develop our protagonist but some panels really just grated on the nerves.

The Ugly

Main character may be unlikable but this issue was a step in the right direction, lets see how it goes. 2.58/5


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