Firestorm #2 Review

Firestorm #2 - Eye Contact, Part 2


Jason realizes he’s fused with one of the men from last issue. He tries to run from the fire only to realize after flying into earth’s atmosphere that he’s the one on fire. He tries out his powers takes a trip into his own mind and then separates into two people- himself and the man he merged with. Once his own man again he tries to secure the “package” from last issue but it’s been destroyed. He calls the dealer to let him know what has happened. He’s then informed that the contents of the package were worth more than everyone who died. He can expect the dealer and his thugs to “visit” him very soon. are one very unlucky dude

He races back home where he listens to his best friend from college who may just have lined up a loan for him. He tracks down the dealer to apologize and ends up uncovering a meth house. The dealer catches him and runs him through with a knife. He then fuses with the dealer and panics as his cronies shower them with Bullets.

The dealer chides his dad until he lashes out with his powers destroying the meth house and his would be killers. That’s when he realizes the dealer is slowly being dis-corporate as they stay together and he can’t seem to separate them.

The Good

The art is very expressive. Maybe even too much so but at least the many emotions the lead character goes through are visible and believable, even if some are over the top.

This issue made for a better read than the last because there is a sense of urgency that gives the story more depth especially since last issue was spent establishing who Jason was and what he was about. Seeing him lash out with his powers was also quite cool despite the people who lost there lives…although they were drug dealers so no big loss right? 😛

Dude! you have a serious temper!

The mystery of his powers will be curious to some and their use and implementation are reason enough to give next issue a read.

Character development was good for the dealer who really is just every flavor of evil you can think of. Jason is now clearly a good kid who has made a few very bad decisions lately. He also clearly is protective of his dad and sensitive to the situation which resulted in his “condition”. There is a fair amount of rage inside him that he hasn’t allowed to boil out before which leads to the explosion with his temper.

Overall it was a small step up from last issue.

The Bad

Black gangsters and Drug dealers 🙂 in comics sometimes you have to wonder are their any other kind?

Some wont like the art

Our lead is the personification of a castrated coward (shakes head)

Story is a bit contrived two issues in we have no clear definition of what the powers of our lead are and what we do know is just…weird.

The Ugly

Better than the first issue but still has a way to go 2.7/5


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