X-men: Worlds Apart #4 Review

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On one hand, her husband. On the other, her teammates. While Storm races to save the lives of the Black Panther and the X-Men, she recognizes a third option: take down the one responsible for making her choose in the first place. And to do it, she just might get some help from an unlikely source…


Cyclops tears through the x-men ranks while Storm and Nezhno ride a massive hurricane to make it there in time to save the x-men. They arrive and Storm takes out Scott while the Shadow King gets eaten by The Panther God.

Weeks later The x-men visit Wakanda to take Nezhno to San Francisco while Storm basks in the realization she doesn’t have to choose between her role and queen or X-man because she is both.

The Good

Continuity- I love the grasp that Yost has on the characters and their various histories. I particularly liked Shadow King’s reaction to seeing Karma who served as his vessel for years.The Face off between Storm and Scott also brought up underlying tension between the two, strained friendship and rivalry abound.

Characterization- I still think this is a good take on Storm. The Inner voice the vulnerability and awe inspiring Power are all spot on. I also loved the moment she kills Scott and tries to resuscitate him and she reflects on their tenuous relationship since she joined the x-men. I found the peeling back of this layer of Storm’s psyche to be the best part of the story. She learned responsibility and leadership under Scot’s thumb while in America in many ways she is his greatest apprentice. She holds the forte whenever he’s out. Her leadership skills with the x-men love it or hate it stems from awe and inspiration of Scott Summers.

Action- Enough to keep action junkies happy

Art- Dynamic colors and great line work make this a visual treat.

The Bad

Conclusion- After things started out with so much promise things wrap up with Bast eating the shadow king. Seriously! I expected a more knock down drag out kind of resolution this just seems like a cop out.

Development- Ok when this started I expected

Boring- This issue lacked the excitement of the previous issues, I found the predictability of Storm’s self fulfillment yawn inducing and the action bland.

Cover- The weakest cover yet after the beauty that was Issue #1 and Issue #2.

The Ugly



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