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Janet Jackson

Janet Damita Jo Jackson (born May 16, 1966) is an American recording artist and actress. Known for a series of sonically innovative, socially conscious and sexually provocative records, as well as elaborate stage shows, television appearances, and film roles, she has been a prominent figure in popular culture since the early 1970s.

Justice League Beyond #17 Review

Justice League Beyond #17

Justice League Beyond #17

Journey into the past with this never-before-told origin of the Justice League’s smallest/largest member–MICRON! With special guest artist Fiona Staples!


Micron explains how his mother, a police officer was accidentally exposed to a form of energy which caused her to give premature birth to him. His powers as a baby caused them to move around allot and also made him bigger than most of his peers. In High School he was a football star and graduated above average. One day Toyman (a villain) attacked and he helped the JLB (Justice League Beyond) to save the day. He then tracked them to the watchtower where Superman allowed him to join the team.

The Good

Cover- A very distinctive look on this one, with dynamic bold colors highlighting Batman Beyond/Terry in his costume while Micron has a cute little button shaped icon on the top right while the left quarter of the cover is also dedicated to Micron in costume and as a little boy. Neat cover!

Black Hero- Micron gets the spotlight this issue and I’m loving it!

Beyond History- I found it tragic what happened to the aging Bruce Wayne and Waynetech. The battle with crime took over his life not allowing him any semblance of a normal life. No love, no children and by making crime his sole reason for existing he let his family’s legacy be chopped up and sold while he just retreated more and more into himself. This was profoundly sad on so many levels.

Origin-So we finally learn who Micron is and how he gained his powers, how said powers work and how he joined the big leagues’ in the JLB! I really enjoyed his origin and how it was tied in with both Batman and Superman, real neat stuff!

The Bad

Art- This must be one of DC Comics series with a much smaller budget than just about anything on the stands because the interiors are lackluster all around.

The Ugly

A good bit of history and context on what happened to the aging Bruce Wayne and how his company was liquidated, merged and lead to the birth of the Superhero Micron. For an Origin issue this one was pretty neat! 3/5

stars- 3

Spider-Man No more?!

Say it ain’t so! The end of Miles Morales stint as the all new Ultimate Spider-Man? Could be, if this teaser for the upcoming Ultimate Comics Spider-man #23 is to be believed. What tragedy could drive him away from the mantle? Brian Michael Bendis is hoping that you’ll check out the issue to find out!


What do you guys think of the image and Miles perhaps leaving the Spider-man mantle?

Sound off below or on our facebook page!

Also check our Miles Morales Archives to learn everything you

can about Miles Morales the Ultimate comics Spiderman!

[Source: Newsarama]

Avengers (2013) #6 Review

avengers6 cover1

The Secret Origin of the Universe.

Watch as for the first time in history, The UNIVERSE becomes sentient.

Watch as Captain Universe deciphers the code that was hidden in the first five issues.

The Good

Cover- Our latest and newest black superhero Captain Universe get the star of this month’s far out art décor. Love the background and the transparency of Captain Universe which literally has her blending into the all encompassing endlessness of a billion, billion galaxies.

Continuity- How much do I love the Superior Spider-man? Oh let me count the ways! Here we have Superior being the prick that Peter Parker never could have hoped to be! And we also get him all but picking a fight with mutant superheroes Cannonball and best friend Sunspot/Roberto Da Costa.

avengers6 2Humor- Sprinkled throughout Hickman gives us a healthy dose of the chuckles in this one.

Background- This issue some of the mystery surrounding the new Captain Universe is revealed much to my delight. See her updated biography for details.

Emotional- I was honestly touched by the revelation of Tamara Devoux and her traumatic accident, the loss of her child and the terror that brought after she lay in a coma for so long.

Repercussions- This issue we learn that the universe itself is broken and dying, this may have something to with the end of creation itself as mentioned in the New Avengers (2013) series or it may have to do with another major yet unrevealed disaster. Hickman also ends the issue with a mysterious “White Event” occurring literally leaving me begging for more! Just what the hell is this white event? No idea! But me and you have to stick around until next month to find out!

Black Super Heroes- Night Mask/Adam, Captain Universe and Sunspot! Woot Wooot!

Machine Builder Code- Nice touch of Hickman to include how to decipher the language used by Adam/Night Mask. This also adds new shelf life to earlier issues as I literally grabbed Adam’s first appearance and checked to see what the hell I missed the first time through. I also used it to decipher what Adam said to Spider-man before the Universe allowed him to speak English.

Art- My man Adam Kubert is on art and he does his very best. Asian Shang Chi has these wonderfully crafted authentic eyes while Universe’s thick afro is just lush and full of life. Night Mask also has a distinctive design that he’s streamlined.

The Bad

No complaints

The Ugly

Incredible dialogue, witty humor, emotional all while being a complex tale with a great level of accessibility and so many useful black heroes I can’t help but fall in love every time I have this book in my hands. 5/5

stars- 5

Blood Syndicate


Rival members of Dakota’s most powerful gangs, they were exposed to an experimental tear gas that left them more than human. Forced by extraordinary circumstance to band together, they now face Society’s problems on their own terms, by their own rules-the only way they know how.


The Blood Syndicate began with a dispute between Dakota’s street gangs that led to the disaster known as the big bang. Skirmishes between the Paris Bloods and the Fox Demons over drug money exploded when the demons also stumbled into a turf war with the force Syndicate. The Paris bloods and the force syndicate united against the demons who allied with the Paris Bloods foes the Sadler All Stars. The Doble Eles joined the Paris Bloods to even things up, and battle plans were drawn. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 10, Blood Syndicate I)

Preparation for the Big Bang were extensive, each gang knew alliances would be short lived at best. Each gang made secret plans to betray even the most solemn of pacts. Some of the smaller satellite gangs also made cross alliances all their plans would prove insufficient in the face of what the authorities had in store. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 11, Blood Syndicate II)blood syndicate

News of the impending violence is hard to keep secret and word of the BIG BANG was no exception. The police heard about the upcoming gang war in plenty of time to discuss their options with the mayor’s office. Public outcry over the crime rate and an upcoming reelection made the choice clear. Coordinating the city’s elite law enforcement teams with a technical assist from Alva technologies, a final strike against dakota’s gangs was planned. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 12, Blood Syndicate III)

City of Dakota mayor Thomasina Jefferson decided to go all out in her efforts to thwart the Big Bang. In addition to ordering a curfew to be enforced by the city’s elite cops S.H.R.E.D and G.R.I.N.D she also decided to test an Alva Technologies “Bonus’ an experimental tear gas laced with a radioactive dye. Anyone with a trace of the dye could be tracked down by the radioactive signature of the gas. No one at the Big Bang would escape-Prosecution that is. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 13, Blood Syndicate IV)

No one anticipated the sheer Chaos that the Big Bang became. Nine of Dakota’s most deadly military forces would clash, only two of them on the side of law and order. Even hardened police veterans had a difficult time maintaining control. The Experimental gas was deployed almost immediately: by the time its full effects were known, it was too late. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 14, Blood Syndicate V)

The experimental gas provided by Alva technologies was a far more final solution to Dakota’s gang problem than anticipated. The radioactive dye marker killed most of those it tagged, instead of leaving them alive to be tracked down later. The gas seeped through police gas masks and protective garments as well and many S.H.R.E.D and G.R.I.N.D officers died alongside the gang members. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 15, Blood Syndicate VI)

As Police units deserted the scene of devastation that would come to be known as the Big Bang, the high tech systematics went to work, silently picking over the scene. They removed a number of bodies including those of Kwai and Brickhouse, covering any trace of their presence. The Nature of systems role in these events has never been adequately explained. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 16, Blood Syndicate VII)

Finally, too few of the victims staggered to their feet, astonished that they had survived, but survived as what? Some had twisted bodies with remarkable abilities, some gained amazing powers. All had been forever changed, many of them made their way independently to the area’s largest landmark-the abandoned Louislier factory.  (Skybox Milestone Trading card 17, Blood Syndicate VIII)

In the Weeks following the Big Bang, Dakota’s woes dominated the national news. A reliable death count and eyewitnesses to the debacle never materialized. The state legislature made Paris Island an ‘Enterprise Zone’, but the precise nature of the aid to be offered is still under debate. The site of the Big Bang, now known as ‘Ground Zero’ belongs to the Blood Syndicate-for now. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 18, Blood Syndicate IX)


Third Rail

Tech 9

Wise Son










Abraham #1 Preview

Abraham0Written and Illustrated by Blackstar Shabach

Jedidiah meets with his first interview of the investigation and learns things about his father that he never knew, while we see a peek of Abraham’s community activism.

Many years after the disappearance of his father Col. Abraham Godchild, his son Jedidiah reopens the investigation, in search of the community activist and renowned hero. Readers follow the investigation through a series of interviews of eyewitnesses, reporters and those influenced by the forgotten hero.

Abraham TM and © Stacey A Robinson. All rights reserved.


Aaliyah Dana Haughton (January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001), who performed under the mononym Aaliyah was an American recording artist, dancer, actress and model.

Secret Avengers (2013) #1 Review

Secret Avengers #1

Secret Avengers #1

The Most Dangerous Secrets We Have… Are The Ones We Keep From Ourselves.” The new Nick Fury leads a covert Avengers strike team including but not limited to Hawkeye, Black Widow, The Hulk, The Winter Soldier, Maria Hill and Phil Coulson on missions so dangerous, even the team members themselves can’t know about them!


In Budapest now Hawkeye is captured and interrogated by some criminals. They are unable to discern whether through interrogation, telepathy or magic. He is rescued by Black Widow while Nick Jr. kills a teleporting terrorist from killing the President of the United States.

In the past Coulson makes Black Widow and Hawkeye an offer they can’t refuse. On the mission leading up to Hawkeye being injured we realize that Nick Jr. was the one to shoot him to complete the mission.

As Hawkeye lies recovering we realize his memory has been altered to believe he was injured in a firefight with the enemy.

The Good

Cover- Pretty dark and noir looking; I like it! Perhaps it’s the composition of the team shot. We have Black Widow with her gorgeous red hair in the foreground while Hawkeye and Nick Jr. are in the mid-ground with Maria Hill and agent Coulson in the background.

Secret Avengers #1 (5)Set Up- I’m really digging the idea of agents in the secret Avengers having alterable memories for the missions. This first issue really sells that idea! I mean the many uses of said plot device are showcased superbly this issue. From the perspective of the agents we have no idea why they agreed to be in this program in the first place, IF they actually did! Secondly, immunity from telepathic and magical probes is a huge bonus!

Action- Guns blazing ass kicking frenzy in this fiery first issue! I love it!

Art- Luke Ross’s shadowy, dark somber style is at home in this espionage tale meets superheroics. This man needs to be on this book for a long ass time because it’s just that good.

Black Hero- We get Nick Fury jr alone but we can’t complain since he’s a central cast member who literally drives the plot and story home. If you don’t know who Nick Fury/Marcus Johnson is you need to check our Battle Scars and read his biography.

Emotion- Honestly you really can’t help but wonder how Black Widow or Hawkeye ended up in this operation and just how much emotional upheaval and/or trauma they will be forced to undergo over the course of this book. What’s worse is they are treated as completely expendable with Shield literally jerking their chain at every turn. Shot in the stomach by a teammate while your mind is altered to not remember said fact is pretty messed up on so many levels!

The Bad

The shady government institutions cliche has been used since way back when, hopefully this series can pull a few original elements out of this or else this book may become stale real quick.

The Ugly

A thrill ride of an adventure with so many grey areas you wonder if your in limbo! Nick Spencer and Luke Ross deliver the best espionage antics in years! You should be reading this book! 4/5

stars- 4

Batwing #16 Review

Batwing 16 (1)

David refuses one bribe too many, and now the police have issued a hit on him!

It’s Batwing vs. the corrupt police force of Tinasha!

Can Batwing save his alter ego and the innocents who may be caught in the crossfire?

The Good

Cover- Batwing looks a bit like a vampire on this one but it still looks great.

Action- Bullets, explosions etc to keep us glued to our seats and shelling out the $$$

Batwing- I’m impressed with the upper echelons of Dc Comics for having this book on the stands this long despite dwindling sales and the departure of the original writer. Equally as impressive is the quality of these “filler” issues written by Fabian. Batwing is the story of a African man who is an idealist at heart who literally is at war with all the corruption around him, this issue his surrounding literally fight back.

Art- Fabrizio Fiorentino is on art duty and while we have had more fitting artists on this book his work holds up well and executes the action sequences well.

Consequences- In sticking to his guns Batwing has made his civilian identity of David Zavimbe just as much a target as Batwing himself. Things just got a whole lot more dangerous for our hero and those he holds dear!

The Bad

No Complaints for me.

The Ugly

This issue is a harbinger of things to come as this series tries to find a new lease on life as it’s number sink more and more into those dreaded cancellation box. Let’s hope David can hold on and pick up new fans or else Batwing will fly no more. 3/5

stars- 3


Batwing’s New Direction!

This may not be new news exactly but I’m sure some of you have not herd it yet. In the last wave of DC comics cancellations Batwing again managed to elude the grim reaper and remain on store shelves unlike Static Shock, Voodoo and Mr. Terrific despite dwindling sales figures every month.

Now some may remember the departure of Judd Winnick from the title back in August 2012. Now we have Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti set to take over from fill in writer Fabian Nicieza:

Batwing new“The last two books with new people is “Legion Of Superheroes,” where Francis Portela is returning to art, and “Batwing” where Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti are taking over the title. Justin and Jimmy are a duo that have done fare like “Jonah Hex” or “All-Star Western,” and the Freedom Fighters characters. Did they come to you about wanting to write Batwing?

Harras: They came to us with, and I do want to stress that Fabian [Nicieza] was there to help us out during transition time; he’s a great guy and really helped us out there. But Jimmy and Justin really pitched a new direction for Batwing that was very intriguing. And when I say new direction, I mean –

Chase: — a really solid new direction.

Harras: That’s really what sold us on it, to take “Batwing” in this direction.”

What is this new direction? Only time will tell but if this art to the right is to be believed we may be looking at a new costume and a mix between Iron man meets Batman in the coming months. Keep your eyes peeled as we continue to review the Batwing brand in the meantime check out the Sales Figures on the book and read all the Batwing related content on the site.

More as it breaks!

[Source CBR]


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