Gauntlet (Character)


The Gauntlet (1)

Created by: Dan Slott, Stefano Caselli, Eric Powell

1st appearance: She-Hulk #100, 2007

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: U.S. Army, The Initiative, New Warriors, Avengers Resistance

Legal Status: active military member in good standing

Height: 6’0   Weight: 210lbs  

Eyes: Brown        Hair: Bald

Relatives: Althea Green (wife) two unnamed daughters

Skills and abilities: Skilled hand to hand combatant, proficient with small arms, rifles, machine guns, and other weapons used in combat; skilled leader

Powers: none

Weapons: Gauntlet’s right arm is fused with an alien glove of unknown origin,. The glove is large and robotic, and emits a hand made of energy that is more durable and stronger than the wearer’s hand. The glove also permits the wearer increased strength in the arm which the glove is on. The glove can take control of the wearer


Two extraterrestrials were battling above the earth’s atmosphere. As they were being tracked, they both delivered fatal blows and fell to earth. One of the ET’s was armored, and that armor broke apart upon entry into the atmosphere. The smaller pieces could not be tracked, but two larger of the pieces were track into the desserts of the Sudan, one being the power source for the armor. Sgt. Joseph Green was deployed to retrieve the items. HYDRA also sent an operative to retrieve the items, as they were tracking them, also. Sgt. Green and the HYDRA Agent arrived at the same time. After a series of blows were exchanged, both men stumbled and the HYDRA Agent took advantage and struck Sgt. Green and grabbed the power source. The source was heavier than expected, and while the HYDRA Agent struggled with it, Sgt. Green was able to slip the alien glove on his arm and use it to defeat the agent. Afterwards, Sgt. Green tried to remove the glove but the glove had bonded permanently to his arm, and using the arm with the glove on it, lifted the power source and returned to base. Now as the Gauntlet, Sgt. Green was recruited to train the new recruits of the Initiative. The Gauntlet was a particularly hard drill instructor and often belittled the New Warriors as a way to try and motivate the trainees. Some of the trainees were onetime New Warriors and one in particular took offense and beat Gauntlet into a coma. During this time, when Gauntlet was threatened, the glove took over and protected the incapacitated Gauntlet. Once revived, Gauntlet found himself in the dark reign of Norman Osborn, who had replaced him with Taskmaster. Not wanting to serve under Osborn, Green quit, which Osborn was going to allow him to do; minus the glove. Gauntlet fled, and hooked up with the Avengers Resistance, which took down Osborn’s Initiative during the Siege.


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