Batwing #16 Review

Batwing 16 (1)

David refuses one bribe too many, and now the police have issued a hit on him!

It’s Batwing vs. the corrupt police force of Tinasha!

Can Batwing save his alter ego and the innocents who may be caught in the crossfire?

The Good

Cover- Batwing looks a bit like a vampire on this one but it still looks great.

Action- Bullets, explosions etc to keep us glued to our seats and shelling out the $$$

Batwing– I’m impressed with the upper echelons of Dc Comics for having this book on the stands this long despite dwindling sales and the departure of the original writer. Equally as impressive is the quality of these “filler” issues written by Fabian. Batwing is the story of a African man who is an idealist at heart who literally is at war with all the corruption around him, this issue his surrounding literally fight back.

Art- Fabrizio Fiorentino is on art duty and while we have had more fitting artists on this book his work holds up well and executes the action sequences well.

Consequences- In sticking to his guns Batwing has made his civilian identity of David Zavimbe just as much a target as Batwing himself. Things just got a whole lot more dangerous for our hero and those he holds dear!

The Bad

No Complaints for me.

The Ugly

This issue is a harbinger of things to come as this series tries to find a new lease on life as it’s number sink more and more into those dreaded cancellation box. Let’s hope David can hold on and pick up new fans or else Batwing will fly no more. 3/5

stars- 3



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