Justice League Beyond #17 Review

Justice League Beyond #17
Justice League Beyond #17

Journey into the past with this never-before-told origin of the Justice League’s smallest/largest member–MICRON! With special guest artist Fiona Staples!


Micron explains how his mother, a police officer was accidentally exposed to a form of energy which caused her to give premature birth to him. His powers as a baby caused them to move around allot and also made him bigger than most of his peers. In High School he was a football star and graduated above average. One day Toyman (a villain) attacked and he helped the JLB (Justice League Beyond) to save the day. He then tracked them to the watchtower where Superman allowed him to join the team.

The Good

Cover- A very distinctive look on this one, with dynamic bold colors highlighting Batman Beyond/Terry in his costume while Micron has a cute little button shaped icon on the top right while the left quarter of the cover is also dedicated to Micron in costume and as a little boy. Neat cover!

Black Hero- Micron gets the spotlight this issue and I’m loving it!

Beyond History- I found it tragic what happened to the aging Bruce Wayne and Waynetech. The battle with crime took over his life not allowing him any semblance of a normal life. No love, no children and by making crime his sole reason for existing he let his family’s legacy be chopped up and sold while he just retreated more and more into himself. This was profoundly sad on so many levels.

Origin-So we finally learn who Micron is and how he gained his powers, how said powers work and how he joined the big leagues’ in the JLB! I really enjoyed his origin and how it was tied in with both Batman and Superman, real neat stuff!

The Bad

Art- This must be one of DC Comics series with a much smaller budget than just about anything on the stands because the interiors are lackluster all around.

The Ugly

A good bit of history and context on what happened to the aging Bruce Wayne and how his company was liquidated, merged and lead to the birth of the Superhero Micron. For an Origin issue this one was pretty neat! 3/5

stars- 3


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